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I don’t think I have ever done a back-to-back skin review for the same designer.  Typically I prefer not to for some quirky reason. At any rate, I felt that I should share with you my honest and frank thoughts on Grace, the newest skin line from PXL.

With me explore a more blonde side, this skin is a welcomed addition to my lineup.  The milky tone is just slightly lighter than a sunkissed.  What really appeals to me, eventhough I’m wearing a platinum hair color, a deep brown would be so utterly dramatic. 

I think I was secretly craving a follow up to Linda, my first owned PXL skin line. Grace is exactly what I wanted … and oh, are you ready?! There are freckles!! So get a load of this … for the same price ($1500L), you will get the usual 3 brow colors AND a freckled and nonfreckled body.  If my grammar school math is correct, that’s six, yes, six skins!  That’s a lot of skins, batman!

If you are new to Hart’s PXL skins, he provides with every purchase three different brow colors – black, blonde and red/brunette.  With this release since it has the freckled option, the freckles will come in each of those brown tones as well.  This is how you are getting the six skins for the same price. (Yeah I redundantly said the same thing, but I thought I should clarify.)

If my last review didn’t at least peek your curiousity for all your first timers to PXL, lets hope this one will. And hopefully all you freckle lovers will swing by to check out these skins!


Skins Used
[PXL] Grace NAT NudeEyes NudeLips BrownEB
[PXL] Grace NAT DarkEyes WineLips BlondeEB F
[PXL] Grace NAT CatEyes CoffeLips BlondeEB
[PXL] Grace NAT DarkEyes FlamencoLips BlondeEB
[PXL] Grace NAT SmokeEyes PaleLips BlondeEB F
[PXL] Grace NAT SmokeEyes RedLips BlondeEB

Products Used
Hair: Dernier Cri – Lara – Golden (9)
Lingerie: :: DUTCH TOUCH :: BiKiNi Plaid

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