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A Blogger's Challenge: Alter Your Mood

I’m honestly inmidst of doing a real deal post and I get this wave of stupid sillyness.  I think my rl bleed into this mood. It was a weird day – many issues and challenges … totally just make me now feel exhausted. I came online and instantly started working on a review. Thinking it would help change my mood … or help forget about the day.

I find it funny that people say that SL doesn’t effect their RL. It does in some aspects. Potentially for these people its not on the surface or known fully to them. Others, like me, it has changed their RL, for the positive (and some negative).

SL does help (and could hinder) my current mood. Tonite is prime example. I was grumpy and feeling drained. Now talking with Express (he had almost no idea) my laughter started and came into the clothing I found.

So this post wasn’t to be a diary of my thoughts. Somehow it ended up this way. The end result: Feeling good … and completely silly. I luffs mai piggie!

I pose a challenge of sorts to you – Show off what helps you alter your mood. Show us what helps you, in SL, change your mood.

Once posted, leave a comment and I will add your link to the blog roll. Check back often to see everyone’s mood enhancers!

Ashleigh Dickins – Rez and Tell
Anya Ohmai – OhMyOhMai


Bad Girl

By Annah Whitfield  //  Clothing  //  4 Comments

Haiiii! I know I’ve been neglecting this blog *blushes cowardly* It’s not that I don’t shop, or I don’t like to blog what I shop anymore! I’ve this problem: I always get into more projects I should and then I have to skip some f

or a few days! But let’s go to the outfit, ‘cuz I don’t have much time and after all, that is what matters!

Yeah, totally trashy look, but so confy and casual to keep me in the mood for working! Firts, my new (but not *that* new) tenis from SoReal! I’ve been dating this forever, and one of this days I decided I needed them! I’ve been up and down with

them and I admit, they are totally worth!

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If you don’t own a pair, then go to the store NOW… well not now! Read my post first! Another thing I am in love with is this hoodie around my waist! Well :sey: is one of my favourite stores! I love everything they have there, and this hoodie is no exception! Very well done, with resize and texture change scripts! Perfect!

My skin is actually the first skin I have ever bought! Not sure if it is still available, but I feel like trying it on again! It’s from Naughty Designs, and I

don’t even know if they are still open or not! By the time I got it, I didn’t know any other skin makers as I do now!

As I am writting this blog post I am listening and singing this songs (the fear and 7 things) that, somehow, for some reason, made me giggle, smile and think a bit about my SLife… See you next time… hopefully soon! Byeeee

Luv, Ann

Style Sheet: Hair: ETD Roxie – Chestnut Burnt Skin: [ND] Alina Singles Beach Tan – “Tea Rose” Top: Tank (part of Cassablanca outfit) from Last Call (tinted balck – no longer available but any black tank will do the same effect) Pants: (CS) Destroyed Jeans Hoodie: :sey Maki2 hoodie_v3[check]

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Scarf: Maitreya Long

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Scarf * Black Piercing: [TT] Snakebite (left) Shoes: SOREAL Superstars

WHITE/Black (SSP002) Bracelet: KIWI wild_leather_Bracelet_female (group gift) Poses: {flowey}


*Review* /artilleri/

Earlier today, Antonia Marat of /artilleri/ released several new things *and* showed off the redesigned diner (aka her store). I am really lovin’ the new layout of the store. Its a much better showcase for everything /artilleri/ has to offer! Even a fresh look for the ads/vendors.

For the new releases, its the first in many months. Its like she didn’t skip a beat.  I’m not a fan of non-prim items but it was hard to resist the pencil skirts and highwaisted capris. Antonia really showed her awesome talent with these new releases. The textures are well detailed and the colors pop!

After all this time shopping at /artilleri/ I still like browsing the old and new.  Even digging in my own inventory, its nice to see old favs and of course getting excited again for those random pieces that I forgot about! Get out your favs and mix ’em with the new – tons of good stuff to come!!


Outfit 1:
Dress: /artilleri/ Inger dress *yellow*
Tattoo: /artilleri/ old school2 (ushirt) *no chest&back*
Hair: /artilleri/ Rina hair *platina*
Glasses: /artilleri/ Onyxia sunglasses *white*
Earrings: /artilleri/ bead hoop earrings!
Skin: :: DUTCH TOUCH ::  Skin Indie Spring MU 3
Shoes: .:Periquita Mary Squares Shoes Mint:.

Outfit 2:
Hair: /artilleri/ Rina hair *platina*
Earrings: /artilleri/ bead hoop earrings!
Shirt: /artilleri/ Vicky top (jacket) *teal* (Note: this shirt comes with several JACKET layers. Each have a unique patch on the lest pec. Its a great buy!)
Skirt: /artilleri/ simplicity pencil skirt *black*
Flower: /artilleri/ Skull hair flower *colour change*
Tattoo: /artilleri/ spotty mix tattoo
Eyes: [ND]*Paris blue Eyes
Skin: *CUPCAKES – Lovespell – LACE – Perdy
Shoes: Maitreya Verve Red

Outfit 3:
Earrings: /artilleri/ Fancy Dice set
Glasses: /artilleri/ gladys glasses *group special LEO*
Tattoos: /artilleri/ maggie tattoo (ushirt), Hand Hearts (gloves, Colorable!)
Shirt: /artilleri/ marcy top *teal*
Capris: /artilleri/ Ruby highwaist capris *pink*
Hair: /artilleri/ Sabina II hair *platina*
Bracelet: /artilleri/ Wooden bracelet
Skin: //LAZOLLI//Phoebe 002(LIGHT)
Eyes: [ND]*Paris blue Eyes
Shoes: AC Sasy Chic l’Air

Outfit 4:
Earrings: /artilleri/ Double Cherry set
Hair: /artilleri/ Rina hair *platina*
Shirt: /artilleri/ Sailorette top *red*
Capris: /artilleri/ 1st mate capris *black*
Skin: Wax Poetic // Java Joe – ripped/80’s bush
Shoes: ** Canimal – Cherry Darlings (!! NEW SHOES!)


So Maybe I AM …

Are you on Plurk? Friend me if you are! If not, join!

Thank you Leah for the shirt! (Owner of Naive) Come get your own shirt!! :)


*Review* Naith Smit Design

I found Naith Smit Design one day surfing thru flickr. I never heard of this designer before (yes, I know I don’t get out much) but glad to have found him. Naith Smit Design (NSD) is an unlikely likeable store for me. Its grungy and edgy … and yet I haven’t been able to take off this outfit.

I had asked Express to show off some of the guy collection. The same urban theme carries into the guy’s clothing. The current items for both sexes range from jeans and tees to accessories and even female skins. I’m hoping that Naith will continue to grow the collection and expand into more items.

It seems that I even had to drag Express out of the store. Sometimes I think he shops more than me!

Also I did all the pics at Naith’s store … its an amazing build! Not too many stores out there that are like this one. (Eventho he tells me he is planning a remodel soon. *gasp* Could this mean more newness is planned!?!

Naith Smit Design

Express’ Style Sheet
Skin: >TRUTH< Francois [dark] [A]
Hair: The GL – Broder – Black
Earrings: -SCAR–TISSUE- ring lobe piercings
Sunglasses: FNKY! Aviator III Glasses (Gun Metal)
Eyes: (Miriel) Eyes – Hazel
Scarf: (NS) Scarf skull
Shirt: (NS) tshirt swagga
Pants: (NS) NEW -faith and loyalty- japan cut jeans
Shoes: (Shiny Things) Old Shoes – black
Tattoo: Rock&Beers_GoK
Accessory: FNKY! Cigarette II

Luna’s Style Sheet
Skin: ::Soda:: Persona Skins – Girl Next Door – Sultry- Nude
Hair: /artilleri/ Rina hair *platina*
Eyes: [ND]*Paris blue Eyes
Lashes: MM-Catwalk Eyelashes
Shirt: (NS) Fuel for Life -=Outfit=-Ladies
Jeans: (NS) Skull jeans-black
Necklace: (NS) Rock’n’Roll Anchor Chain
Glasses: /artilleri/ greta glasses *black*
Tattoos: *EtchD* Hand Hearts, *EtchD* Henna Sleeves, Seerose Tattoos- Imagine
Peircing: [ addiXion – Lip Ring Piercing ]
Ring: ~flirt~ Pizazz Ring :: PLAT/DIA
Shoes: PornStar Xtra Hi-Tops MultiColor v2


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