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Ryker Beck of Genesis is known for many talents. I have worn her jewelry on many blog posts and to numerous events. Now I can start wearing her skins. Yup, she has taken the plunge into designing skins.

Eden is the first of many (I hope!) skin lines to emerge from her studios. This line is packed with eight tones, each with 20 makeups. For this review, I choose the darker of Eden’s eight tones, Pepper.

I’m not only excited for this line as its been splashed in Plurk and in Ryker’s flickr but due to the fact she does do the eight tones. Its diveristy, finally!

Let’s get to the review. Eden’s tone is well blended, difficult to handle for such a dark color. There are a few blemishes and moles to give the allure of touch-ability and realness. The hands do have slight color mismatches, nothing alarming, but noticeable. It could be the darkness of the tone, potentially the paler tones may not have this issue.

The shading is what is truly remarkable. The highlights and lowlights are, honestly, the gem to this skin. The elbows seem to have this “wrinkle” to give depth … and the shoulder blades have a smudged appearance for dimension – all incredibly well done. I even spotted some shading on the rib cage outlining the rib bones. Fantastic feature! Great additions for adding “movement” to a skin and this dark tone.

As for the 20 makeups. I still can’t get over there are 20 makeups on eight skins … I’m no math wiz but that’s like a ton of work! Each makeup has some sort of eyeliner and those raved about drawn on lashes. I had to laugh, I did the pics thinking I had my lashes on… not until did I get to “Style Sheet” to list the product did I realize I’m not wearing lashes! That’s amazing!!  I listed several makeups below (L to R): Chocolate Orange, Rockstar (freckled), Saturday, and Au Naturel.

For each makeup there is a freckled version.  They don’t seem to be in any repeating patterning … again this gives that realistic feel.

Overall, its a beautiful skin, regardless of tone! I honestly hope Ryker keeps producing such outstanding quality. Check out Genesis!

Skins Used: :: Genesis :: Eden Pepper – Bare, :: Genesis :: Eden Pepper – Rockstar (F), :: Genesis :: Eden Pepper – Au Naturel, :: Genesis :: Eden Pepper – Chocolate Orange, :: Genesis :: Eden Pepper – Saturday.

Eyes: :: Genesis :: Au Naturel Eyes (Brown)
Hair: Novocaine Hair – Flynn – chestnut (tinted)

*I even broke my “rule” of doing skin reviews in lingerie for this skin … its *that* good!

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