A Blogger's Challenge: Alter Your Mood

I’m honestly inmidst of doing a real deal post and I get this wave of stupid sillyness.  I think my rl bleed into this mood. It was a weird day – many issues and challenges … totally just make me now feel exhausted. I came online and instantly started working on a review. Thinking it would help change my mood … or help forget about the day.

I find it funny that people say that SL doesn’t effect their RL. It does in some aspects. Potentially for these people its not on the surface or known fully to them. Others, like me, it has changed their RL, for the positive (and some negative).

SL does help (and could hinder) my current mood. Tonite is prime example. I was grumpy and feeling drained. Now talking with Express (he had almost no idea) my laughter started and came into the clothing I found.

So this post wasn’t to be a diary of my thoughts. Somehow it ended up this way. The end result: Feeling good … and completely silly. I luffs mai piggie!

I pose a challenge of sorts to you – Show off what helps you alter your mood. Show us what helps you, in SL, change your mood.

Once posted, leave a comment and I will add your link to the blog roll. Check back often to see everyone’s mood enhancers!

Ashleigh Dickins – Rez and Tell
Anya Ohmai – OhMyOhMai

6 Comments to “A Blogger's Challenge: Alter Your Mood”

  • /me is glad your feeling good!

    Definitly SL affects RL and vice-versa! It works both ways!

    Love the post

    Ann “you lover”

  • I hate your piggie.

  • Why do you hate her piggie? ‘Cuz she is holding it and not hoilding you :P

    Well the pig is fun but… enough Luna!!

  • LOL!

  • I’m not sure if my entry really qualifies for this challenge but just did it at the spur of a moment :)

  • I’m not sure that SL alters my mood, but I definitely use it as an outlet to express my moods through my blog, which seems (without consciously knowing it) to have become somewhat autobiographical. I guess one of my recent posts is a good example:

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