I’m Two … and a Dot Com!

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Its been two years since starting my blogging adventure. Most of my readers have been with me since the beginning and have seen the evolution of the blogs. Yes, blogs.

Over the two years span, I’ve reviewed products and shared my rambling thoughts on three different blogs.  Each blog representative of me and my then current thoughts.  Now its time I take the giant leap into being a professional blogger and own my own site. Finally.

Nothing has made me more happy than to see “LunaJubilee.com”. As a fledgling blogger, I would often think about my name as a dot com. To celebrate the dawn of my third year blogging, I took the plunge and became a dot com!

Today I launch, with the support of Express Zenovka and his amazing talent, LunaJubilee.com.  Here I’ll continue to share my flickr stream, plurk time line and, of course, blog until my heart’s content.

For and foremost, I thank Express for being the backbone to all this. Without him and his unending support, this site would not exist. The late nites guiding me thru installs and staying up until dawn to create my theme from scratch (has yet to be released), this site is very much his as it is mine.  I owe him more than imaginable for making this dream happen.

I look forward to more of Annah Whitfield’s posts and thoughts.  She has been such a beautiful breath of fresh air that this blog needed.  I’m overjoyed she has shared her talents with me … and hope she will continue.

A huge “Thank You!” goes to everyone who has supported and read my blog(s).  Without the readers, designers and guest writers, my blog would not exist today.

As always, I welcome your thoughts and feedback as this blogging adventure continues. Its been a wonderful two years … and here’s to many more!

**Please update your blogs to reflect “Luna Jubilee” and with the link to the new site: lunajubilee.com/blog.  Thank ya!

12 Comments to “I’m Two … and a Dot Com!”

  • I hijacked Mr. WordPress’ comment.

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  • Cool.


  • Congrats and happy blogday!

  • Congratulations! (er, what happened to the old one?)

  • YAY I’m so happy for you. *hugs*
    It looks AWESOME!

  • Where is the slideshow displaying your growth from newbdom? I demand reminiscences.

  • Luna – gratz on the .com!! and the blog is so cool looking. i love the colors and the swirly designs as well as the handwritten looking parts. yay you! what fun the clothes always are to see as well.

  • Aww I love it! It’s too cute :)

  • Welcome & good luck for blogging :-)

  • Congratulations. It’s a big step, but worth it!

  • Thank you everyone for the wonderful words!! We are so excited to have the site … tons of great things in store! <3

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