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Whoever said tuxes are just for guys is so wrong.  My dear friend Rebel Hope just released tuxes for him and her!  I had asked Express once again to help show off the guy tuxes.  I did have the guy tuxes on earlier before passing them to him … and have to say the pocket watch makes for a great belly piercing. *ouch!*

For the both versions, Rebel offers the shirt, the vest and the shirt and vest together.  Yes, three wearable options.  Also, the pants to fit the multiple options are created with and without the vest points.  One downfall is the vest isn’t on the jacket layer so there isn’t a “completed” vest option.  This means you will always need the pants (or skirt in the female version) to complete that look.

The bow ties offered come in pink for the females to match the vest while the male version comes in white and black. Also, for the guys, the tail has two options. Forgive me, as I didn’t see the ladies pocketwatch until I was writing the post, postpictures.  There is a watch for the ladies but for me it was in my av’s shape making it unnoticeable.  Just like the men’s version, its just as detailed but has an additional chain swag.

Overall, Express and I both enjoyed the tuxes.  Certainly a great buy for all the items you would receive.  Rebel Hope and her designs never cease to amaze!


Rebel Hope Designs

Express’ Details: HOC Apparel – Casual Loafers, (Shiny Things) Spencers – black, (Shiny Things) Murphys – almost white, (Armidi Hair) – The Law – Midnight I, -Belleza- Miguel Deep Tan 0 (bald), -SCAR–TISSUE- ring lobe piercings, (Miriel) Eyes – Hazel

Luna’s Details: (Miriel) Standard Eyes – Blue Ice, (Shiny Things) Belles – black, MADesigns EYELASHES ~ Diva, Magika Hair – Maya – Blonde A, *~{Frick}  Tan – Pink Glammy, J’s Real Toe Cross Belt Sandals PEARL

3 Comments to “*Review* Rebel Hope Designs – RH Signature Tuxes”

  • The women look gorgeous :)

  • Each day, I love more and more your posts with Ex!
    And I may have to go get a tux for me, since I don’t have any!
    You made me go jeaulous! Now I want one, cuz you look so pretty :)

    <3 u and miss u

  • Thank you! I’m totally blushing!!

    @Ann – Miss you too! We need to see what trouble we can get into next time you are online <3

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