The Hunt Is On!

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Hmm … The VIP Hunt. Do I or don’t I pay the 200L to join in on the hunt. Yup, that’s right, 200L.  The VIP Hunt was marketed as the participants will receive “highest quality exclusives on the grid”.  Also, there is a bonus section with more prizes! With 50 vendors participating, surely it will be a good Hunt.

Yes, I paid my 200L … and now I don’t remember what tipped the scale to get me to join. Perhaps it was a lack of sleep or the early morning hours. Whatever it was, overall I’m pretty well satisfied with the completion of the Hunt.

The Key is the icon that is commonly themed throughout the Hunt. You are looking for these Keys at every location. Some locations have more than one Key.  Some locations are easy to spot, others send you on a quest – totally awesome and so creative!

Using the official blog to snoop out the Keys, the Hunt was cake. Really cute clues, not so hard to see Keys and low lag (if any) – not too bad, right?!  The best part for me was being able the complete the Hunt within a few short hours (with RL interruptions) … and oh by the way, there is a bonus area to pick up more gifts.  Another feel good moment, was this bonus area. I was greeted upon arrival with “Congrats” and “Please come on in”.  What a novel idea – an end location and someone to welcome folks! It was like a true sense of completion.

Now let’s talk about the hunt gifts and bonus gifts.  Keep in mind, I’m picky … and quality is relative to the designer and the Hunt participant.  Out of the 60+ gifts over 40 were tossed. That number includes all but 2 bonus gifts. Yeah I said it. With that being said, some of the items have keys on them or designed around the icon. I don’t want to wear key items, items with keys on them or anything of the such. Hence the picky side of me, but that’s me.

The clothing I ditched was misaligned, unmatched, poorly photoshopped or photosourced and had balant seam issues. Some outfits are just not what the current trend is or my style. The majority wasn’t good quality or just made me go “Wow” and not in the good way.

So this sounds like bashing, its not. Its reality. I’m not naming anyone or citing anything specifically. I do; however, welcome, out of the public eye, anyone to talk to me about the specifics.

As for the Hunt, the wearing of the key necklace – cute idea… but plan your outfit accordingly. The necklace attaches to your chest. This could take off prim clothing. I liked the necklace (not to keep and wear when not hunting) but the idea that if I saw others it was a common “bond”, if you well.  (So sue me I like being connected to people. That’s why I do what I do in RL.)

Feel bad for the guys – they paid 200L for very few gifts. I think ONE vendor actually made the men’s gift transferable. ONE out of how many vendors?!

Yes, I know, the skins offered are well over the 200L Hunt price tag. Yes, I know, don’t look a gift horse in the mouth … yadda yadda. Seriously, look at this as a whole. Its an excellent idea for a hunt. It got me out, I met a few people, saw a few stores I never would have seen … and, omg, enjoyed doing the Hunt since it wasn’t every vendor and their mother in participation.

Did I think my 200L was well used? Yes. Do I think the gifts were of top notch quality? Not so much. Is there a way to judge what is or is not quality? Not sure.

I would *love* to help with the next VIP Hunt. Yup, I’m in full support of the next paid-for-it hunt. I think its a stellar idea.  I would; however, change a few things. I would offer gift teaser pics before the hunt start and offer a prorated rate to the guys or ask for equal amount of gifts for them.

I think I hit on the points needed … and surely many will be upset. I’m ok with that if they are willing to voice their thoughts like I did. Life is good. Debate is good. This is to better the process/experience.

This blog post is open for comments. I welcome any thoughts and feedback. One condition-please don’t bash each other or those who did participate.  Keep in mind this is to help not hinder. Lots of hours went into this Hunt to make it possible … so be supportive, constructive and offer solutions, not just gripes.

Luna xoxo


6 Comments to “The Hunt Is On!”

  • I think something that would give the vendors a bit more incentive is to charge more for the pass. I wouldn’t mind paying 500+ as long as I knew that the items were something I’d use and enjoy. I’m sure many of us are used to paying 500-800L for one outfit alone. I haven’t fisnished the hunt yet. But I’ve enjoyed it so far and I’m thankful so many wonderful designers participated. :D

  • As both a hunter and store owner, I think that having the participating stores pay to be in the hunt is a reasonable idea.
    1. The hunt organizers deserve to be paid for their time.
    2. It would hopefully encourage shops to include better quality items.

  • “I would offer gift teaser pics before the hunt start and offer a prorated rate to the guys or ask for equal amount of gifts for them.”

    Iawtc. I love hunts, but it seems like it’s not really worth my effort. I never use a female avatar. If the guy things turn out to be not to my taste (something preview pics would help me ascertain), I’ve wasted 200L and a lot of time. I spend a lot on my second life; I would pay a reasonable sum for a quality hunt with a fair number of men’s gifts of quality sufficient to stand beside my bought clothes. And I’m definitely one of those who, if given a great item for free, will go back and drop a few thousand lindens in that shop soon. There IS a men’s hunt coming up soon called the Make Him Over Hunt… so don’t despair, guys, your turn is coming. Maybe the next paid-for hunt could approach the designers participating in the Make Him Over Hunt to join in and round out their equal numbers of gifts? It’s not just the lindens spent, it’s the time to go from store to store in the landmark-to-landmark hunts. Even unisex items would be great! (Assuming it’s really unisex and not just a pink unicorn baby-t with less breast shading than usual.)

  • I like the CSR or CRS (or what it’s called) hunts or what maybe its not a hunt but the idea that you know in advance what you get, and I also know that it IS very good items and they are very well made. I did deleted a LOT of gifts from this key hunt but the keepers was worth the 200 spent. So YAY!

  • I’ve wasted a lot of time too.
    I agree with Mira, the CSR hunt is a better system for shop owners and hunters.
    But i know, its much work, to organize such hunts. So thank u all.
    Freebies should reflect the shops and designers.
    I only take 4 key hunt gifts at the end :-(
    Sometimes i was really shocked of the gifts. I’m really sorry to say that.
    Just my two cents

  • out of all the gifts I kept one of them, this was far less that ‘free’ hunts I have done so for me it was a waste and I dont see how the 200 was accounted for by saying it was haigh quaslity gifts when I have got better from other hunts.
    the one gift i kept I havent used – not sure how I will use it but it was nice.
    NOT 200L worth – not sure it was any Ls worth really compared to other hunts
    on other hunts I have stopped and shopping or went back – this one i didnt

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