Boho Twist

Express took me shopping, he picked it all out … and I finished the look.  Our shopping adventure started with the hair. I debated on it for some time, its more wild than I typically wear but the blonde is my perfect color. That’s when he said something about doing a boho chic like look with the hair … and hence the idea of him dressing me.  He remembered the skirts I wanted from Skin Flicks, so we took a stroll over there.  With the skirt on we traveled from store to store … and that’s when I pulled out my inventory. As he browsed, I started putting on different shirts.  Express stopped me when I got to this top. He’s right, its the one!

boho twist

We decided to see the newness over at Genesis. That’s when he pointed out the necklace set. Express had no idea I’ve been eying that set since it arrived in her store. With something in the hair from Canimal, my all-time favorite release from her. Yes, I know, I never change the skellyflies colors, I don’t care. They are cute the way they are!

boho twista Check out the shoes … they aren’t prim feet! What a relief to see designers still designing shoes … and not harvesting feet for shoes. Love the prim feet shoes but oh so nice to come back to regular ol’ shoes. The earthy wedge sandal was exactly what this outfit called for!

Next Express said he wanted to see freckles. I flipped several skins past him, we liked a few and debated which to use. Then when looking back over the outfit, I saw all my favorite designers. I realized these most of these designers have been with me since the beginning of my blog. This is the perfect opportunity to pull out my old school favorite skin creator, Chai.

I love when Express and I go shopping. I get color, not just black, and I see things I typically wouldn’t in items I want and never really get, like the hair!

Items Worn
Skin: <LF CHAI Double-Shot> Freckled Lilly-04 (Cleavage)
Eyes: (Miriel) Realistic Eyes – Light Blue
Lashes: MM-Catwalk Eyelashes
Hair: Miatch – Platinum
Hair Accessory: Canimal – Skellyflies
Shirt: Canimal – Floral Top (brown)
Skirt: Skin Flicks BillyJoe Skirt
Jewelry: :: Genesis :: Autumn Set
Shoes: (Shiny Things) Jane Wedges Brown

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