*Review* [Decoy]

Lots of goodness from [Decoy]! Annette Voight has been quite busy for the last few weeks. First was the long dress called Marisol. The dress comes in ten different colors all ranging from vivid neutrals to eye popping colors. The best part of the dress it comes with several options for the tank. Yes the tank is wearable if you aren’t in the mood for a full length skirt. This tank is offered in all sorts of layers including one on each of the pants and underpants layer. So layer away with all those other fabulous buys you have [Decoy].

626To give an example and to show off more [Decoy], here’s a super quick look.  Using simple colors like white and yellow, I paired the white jeans (undies layer), white sweater (jacket layer), and white/yellow tank (shirt layer with the pants layer for that untucked look). This also shows not only how awesome the butt looks in the jeans that I have loved for so many months now but also all the colors match regardless of when they were created. Its a pet-peeve of mine. [Decoy]‘s colors rarely change, which for me, is a good thing. Whenever I bought something I know in a few months when I find something else to layer, it will certainly match!

Now if you aren’t a real fan of the long dress, the tank is available as a separate and in all the layers as I described before. There are more color options in the single tank as well.  The colors are unique and just as yummy.

The last of the clothing releases is the horizontal off the shoulder shirt.  Again, its available in all sorts of colors and in all the layers.  Off-the-shoulder shirts have been my latest craving.  It looks so sexy with the new hair.

I told you Annette has been busy … she even created several hairs.  The textures, just like her clothing, are simply amazing.  These three featured in this post are available at Hair Fair. For the time being, you can preview the demos at her store and hop on over to Hair Fair once you are ready to purchase them.

I’m off to dig into more of my [Decoy] stash. I’m already working on a few new looks blending in these new releases. While I rummage, head over to [Decoy]!


Products Used
Skin: LAQ ~ Claudia 01 [Fair] Glow skin
Eyes: Shine Covet Steel
Shoes: *GF* Wedge Tong Sandal “Sunny” Pack
Ring: ~flirt~ Pizazz Ring ::Platinum/Diamond

2 Comments to “*Review* [Decoy]”

  • The hair from Decoy is amazing! I just brought demos home (you know how my internet doesn’t let me go to the hair fair) but I love them, and I want that cute ponytail with that headband!
    I went to Decoy cuz of you, and I already have some cute things from there! You are absolutly right: Lovely colours!!

    <33 ya
    You look beautiful as always!

  • Thank yon Ann <3
    Decoy was on my favs from the hair fair ... and its so adorable with the new releases!!

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