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ShopaholicFeed.com has a new feed! We just launched The Mega Feed! This feed is a rollup of all those who had registered. With over 400 blogs, you will surely find something.

What sets us apart from others? Our staff is more than just one person. (Yes, I’m on the staff so don’t let that deter you from signing up.) Besides me, Express Zenovka is the webmaster. He is the brains behind it all. We are in different timezones. Being on different coasts might sound like not a big deal but it helps alot making one of us (if not both of us) able to answer questions with little down time for you.

We don’t ask for you to have any special tags, verbage or even a link back to us (altho we’d think you were awesomesauce if you did).

Our feeds are constantly looking for updated blog posts. Sure we have hiccups as we try new things to improve the feeds performance. I can make you a promise – the blog post that appears on our feeds will ALWAYS link back to your blog. We will NEVER show your blog posts locally. This means that your blog will see the traffic/redirects from our feed. Who doesn’t like to see traffic increase?!

This is a business for us. We take great pride to offer this to the blogging community. We are both long-time bloggers who get frustrated when feed administrators close communication or leave bloggers out to dry. Nothing is more frustrating than to see traffic plummet. Express and I have the same gripes and pains that you do. We will strive to keep you updated on fixes and/or changes. We will blog these types of communication here.

ShopaholicFeed.com is designed for the blogger – anyone from fashion to community to designer. If you have a blog, we would love for you to join Shopaholicfeed.com.

Those who recently blogged about ShopaholicFeed.com
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(If you blog about ShopaholicFeed.com, please leave a comment or drop a notecard on me inworld. I would love to list your blog here.)
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