Kiss It!

Kiss it - We Support Ryker

We support Ryker Beck!

Left to Right: Maint Hellman, Sophia Harlow, me, Sysy Chapman, Alicia Chenaux, Katey Coppola, Catty Loon.
Thank you to Sophia Harlow for the wonderful idea to gather to show our asses support <3

5 Comments to “Kiss It!”

  • A.W.E.S.O.M.E!!!!!!! <3

  • Might be a more effective statement if you let those of us who aren’t already in the know what it means. Who or what is Ryker Beck, and why do you support him/her/it?

  • None *butt* the best ;)

  • yes who is he?next time let us know so we can come and show our asses too!

  • lol i see..a skin creator..i thoughtit was something political lol

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