How to Take a High Res Snap Shot

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Have you noticed that your photos aren’t as “smooth” as others? Do you see jagged edges on avatars and objects in your photos? It might be due to the low resolution of your photographs.

“GAH! What’s Resolution?”, you my ask. Its the level of detail and/or pixels. The higher the detail and pixels the better the photo. You will want to take the biggest photo possible.

High-res Snapshot

It’s under the ‘Client’ menu and when you have a ‘X’ in front of it, it’s activated. It’s only useful if you use the ‘Snapshot to Disk’ function because you can change the resolution settings manually in the Take Snapshot option window. Normally if you take a ‘Snapshot to Disk’, it has the same resolution as your monitor. When High-res Snapshot is activated, that resolution is doubled. (eg. 1280×744 2,72MB becomes 2560×1488 10,8MB) Source: Vint Falken. “SL Photography: In-world tips and tricks”.

The new two photos show the different of low and high resolution photos.

Low Resolution Photo


High Resolution Photo

High Res

Follow the next few steps will greatly improve your photo quality:

1 – Turn on “High-res Snapshot” (Advanced>High-res Snapshot) *To turn on the Advanced Menu: shift+ctrl+alt+D (windows users)

Advanced Menu

2 – Change Snapshot size
Snapshot InterfaceSize does matter. The greater the width and height with proportions constrained will be easier to work with as well.

These two very simple changes will make a huge difference in your blog’s photos.

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7 Comments to “How to Take a High Res Snap Shot”

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  • Hi Luna, great tutorial first of all, this will be helpful for a lot of people.
    My only problem is… I cannot make bigger shots than with width 3383 and height 2574 otherwise my computer crashes :-(
    Buying a new graphics card or a better performing computer is not an option right now so I have to settle with this numbers. Still makes great shots in my opinion!

  • Hi Mina – Thanks for the comment. If a large photo is an issue, I’d suggest making sure the “High Res Photo” is checked in the “Advanced” menu. The bigger the photo the better (its more pixels) and looks much better when resized. I can understand the issue. I have it myself on my desktop.

    For my desktop (like my laptop), I take photos on “Ultra” but on the desktop, I turn down the draw distance and turn off particles. This is before I open the snapshot tool. Maybe some tricks like that could help you to get more pixels (aka size)? I’ll mess around on my desktop for some other ideas.

    If I find out anything more than what I shared here, I’ll be sure to do followup post for folks like yourself.
    Thanks again – always a pleasure to have comments like yours :)

  • Do you have a tutorial on how to dress your avatar. I found a free posing stand in one of your blogs and am now using that and get better results.

    I see a lot of avators that need help determining layers, etc.

    Thank you and I love your blog

  • I love you. Thank you for all your helpful tips. You are frequently the wind beneath my blog wings.

    GRRRRR! I have “high-res snapshots” enabled, but my photos — as anyone can plainly see — still have that jaggedy look that the low-res shot above has. People openly mock it or say things like, “Damn, your pics are raggedy as hell” so often that I don’t even let it get to me anymore. But it still sucks.

    Maybe it’s just my crappy graphics card. :(

  • Windows includes a number of options for taking high-resolution screenshots of the display, including keyboard shortcuts and the Snipping Tool provided with the operating system.

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