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Aspect Ratios is key for profile photos in Secondlife.  To ensure you always have the correct sizes for your profile, here’s a quick and easy list:

If you’re making an image for…
•    classifieds listing … use 10:7
•    parcel snapshot … use 10:7 (But know that it will be stretched horizontally in people’s picks.)
•    your own pick … use 16:9
•    2nd life profile … use 4:3
•    1st life profile … use 1:1
•    group insignia … use 1:1

16:9 Ratio Sizes:
Really Big: 1024×576
Big: 512×288
Medium: 256×144
Small: 128×72

10:7 Ratio Sizes:
Really Big: 1024×717
Big: 512×358
Medium: 256×179
Small: 128×90

4:3 Ratio Sizes:
Really Big: 1024×768
Big: 512x 384
Medium: 256×192
Small: 128×96

Source: Express Zenovka

For more information: SL Wiki – Texture Aspect Ratios

1 Comment to “Picture Ratio”

  • Wow, that’s a big help! Especially the suggested ratio sizes will save a ton of fiddling, at least for me.

    But gotta love that parcel snapshots and profile pics share the same pic without sharing the same size … great logic, LL!

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