Now & Then Challenge

For the past few weeks I’ve been cleaning out my inventory. I don’t mean reorganizing or tossing a few things. I mean cleansing, a complete purge. My inventory typically weighs in at the 30k mark; it is now under 18k. Yup. 18,000!

Before you gasp, think about it. I’ve been inworld for 3 years. Nearly all that time, I’ve been blogging. I have a rule: If you don’t wear it in 6 months, toss it. This is why my inventory rarely sees over 30k items.  I gave myself a challenge to really rid myself of things I haven’t seen or don’t care so much for that are from my past.

I did keep a few things like my CHAI skins and Last Call. Old ETD hairs are now history along with some of the other hairs, shoes and random objectives from my early days. So many wonderful advances have been made that there is really no reason to cling to full packs of these yesteryear products.

Since I will be celebrating my 3 years of blogging soon, it was fitting for this Now and Then challenge to actually show a picture from my first blog post versus my most recent post.  The 2007 picture was more than likely from the days when I last saw my inventory at 18k and thought it was so much stuff!

Times have changed!

now & then

My first blog post: Welcome

My recent blog post: *review* Indyra Originals

A huge thank you goes to Sophia Harlow for setting the challenge and for the moment when I saw my first blog posts that LOL’d so hard that I woke my pugs. <3

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