*review* [ROCKBERRY] Luan

Luan instantly become a favorite for Scarlet! The skin has a soft innocence. Maybe its this makeups pale lip and white smokey eyes but it surely is stunning.

Scarlet in Rockberry

Four skin tones: Light, Natural, Tan and Dark
Six makeups with enhanced cleavage options as well as light and dark brows.
The lips are even tintable.

Don’t fret, freckled skins are available too. They are now all on the second floor of Rockberry.

Store Location: [ROCKBERRY]

Skin shown: [ROCKBERRY] Luan D dark TINT/CLV

hair: Exile Breeze/mink
eyes: :: Exodi :: Zbilja Spirit (Golden Rod)(Lg)(NV)

3 Comments to “*review* [ROCKBERRY] Luan”

  • I have had nothing but problems with this vendor, I have a couple different avitars in Second Life and everytime you purchase the damn skin….there’s a freakin problem, it never makes it to my inventory. Also, this vendor is never online and takes forever to get back to you when you make a request for the skin to be re-sent. It’s really a damn shame too because this particular vendor has really great skins for black girls and for other women of color, i.e.latinas, asians, indian, etc.

    Just saying….give yourself time when buying from this vendor, because she/he takes their very own sweet time getting back and touching base…..very unprofessional, if you ask me.

  • WOW…I am blown away by this comment! I take pride in providing very good customer service. Surely this person never contacted me, this would have been taken care of. And…I have no control over the item making it to your inventory…I personally have never had that problem when buying any item in SL.
    Genie…whoever you are…please contact me if you would like me to try to resolve this issue, I would be very glad to do so. (I know, I’m late, I just happened to see this post)

    ღ Heather

  • whoa. that has to be spammer. I’m sorry I didn’t see it sooner. I must have missed it in the comment frenzy from the color challenge folks…

    For me, I’ve never had any issues. I purchase your skins for my alts and have always enjoyed the skins.

    Sorry for missing it. Venting or airing stuff like this shouldn’t happen on my blog.

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