Ain’t that the Truth!

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Today’s SLDD was much anticipated by Express and I (and those who hawk the flickr stream…shh its a secret tho). In the minutes leading up to the vendor’s start time, the crowd gathered and doing the pee dance.  The start time came and went and the crowd got, erm, mob-ish. Clicking the vendor repeatedly doesn’t help, btw.

Ain't that the Truth

Meanwhile, Express is re-checking the vendor’s scripts and we exchange IMs of “srsly. idk. wtf”. We find Truth … he comes online and the girls went weak in the knees. I kid you not. The marriage proposals flew and I think someone giggled. seriously. She giggled.

Then the comment was made “Someone should make a ‘I survived Truth’s SLDD’ “. Well, someone did. That someone is Lauren Bisiani of T Junction.  The tee is a freebie! Just like today’s event, it will be memorable.

A huge thanks goes to Truth for being such a great sport. The reason as to why the vendor didn’t work will be our secret. <3

If you haven’t gotten the hair today, get it now. you have until midnight slt to pick it up at the vendor’s location. It will be marked at the usual price after midnight. Check the SLDD site for the info. While there, it would really be worth the while to get on the SLDD mailing list. Seriously.

Products Used
hair: >TRUTH< Chalice – mahogany (Today’s SLDD)
skin: L.Fauna {Lapine . Tan 1} [Acres] OO
tee: T Junction – I Survived Truth’s SLDD
mini: *Linc* Ruffled Miniskirt Black
leggings: [Kyoot] – Nonsensical Pants – Vertical Stripes
pose: *TorridWear* – Basics 04

SL Daily Deals HQ to get on the mailing list too

PS – my blog has a mailing list. You’ll get an IM each time I do a post. How cool is that! Thanks to Express!!

1 Comment to “Ain’t that the Truth!”

  • I didn’t survive the SLDD. All the panty-drooling fangirls sent me nutssss

    <333 The hair was worth it!

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