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Bunny Crazed

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I’ve been so all over the grid lately and needing to have a giant bunny sale. I can’t keep up with all the bunnies I have … and they, when I’m (thankfully) not looking have more bunnies. Do you see the viscous cycle?! Come by my little spot at the Bunny Wranch to pickup your next nest or bunny. I’ve also set for sale the little cute boy Castor radiant who just happens to be a full lop!

{ L.Jublee } Logo

Store Location: L.Jubilee

Here’s some of the more recent details of the nests and lives I have available

Learn more about Ozimals here


In Love with Stripes

New Whippet & Buck!! The thing I love about Frilly Little Set is that it can be either lingerie or a ‘kini. There are eight colors (all striped) to choose from.

Also, W&B is a SL Daily Deals designer. They will soon have their 50% off day. While you wait for that day to happen, swing by the store to pick up the Frilly Little set and one of their discounted items.

Location: Whippet & Buck

Products Used
hair: >TRUTH< Emme – mahogany
skin: L.Fauna {Lapine . Tan 1} [Acres] OO
jewelry: :: Exodi :: The Rrishanna Ring
lingerie: [W&B] Frilly Little Set STRIPED IRISES
pose: [[ dollipops ]] * legitimately luna.


SLDD Chatter

By Luna Jubilee  //  Clothing, News  //  4 Comments

Day 4 of the new SL Daily Deals is coming to a close. I’ve had IMs, been sent forum links, given notecards, and private plurks from folks praising or gripping about the upcoming membership changes.


Let’s review a scenario or two:

SLDD memberships starting May 1st will be:
1 week (7 days) : 150L
2 weeks (14 days) : 200L
1 month (28 days) : 300L
2 months (56 days) : 500L

Using today’s SLDD 50% off item as an example: Regular Price: 850L versus Club Discount: 425L (Savings of 425L)

If you bought the two months worth of an SLDD membership (500L), you’re only 75L in the hole. Wow, 75L. What’s that, like, 50 cents USD?

So, since the membership in the example is good for 60 days. You’ll no long “be in the hole” when another designer pulls out an awesome deal like this example. Actually, your membership would be paid for plus some!

The other side: Let’s say you aren’t liking any of the 50% off days. It could happen, right?! So you pull open the List of Designers page, and find something you like. You have 60 days of a membership and access to countless discounted items randomly placed in all the designers stores. Most of these 10% or 25% off discounts are rotated often.

What you all don’t know is that SLDD will have at least 28 designers in the club each month. Minimum of 28 designers each offering a 50% off deal. Also half of these designers will have SLDD only exclusives.

SLDD has the potential to have nearly 50 designers in the club. Sure not all will have 50% off or exclusives but all will have store discounts (10%, 20% and 25% off items) every single day.

Now I’m curious, what’s the gripe? I wonder about the sense of entitlement some shoppers have … are these the folks those who TP into stores just for the hunt gift and off to the next?

Sure, SLDD isn’t for everyone (nothing is). We are welcoming positive constructive feedback to make the program work for those actively engaged.

Products Used
hair: >TRUTH< Michelle – pecan | >TRUTH< Mena – chocolate
skin: L.Fauna {Lapine . Tan 1} [Opium] OO | L.Fauna {Lapine . Dark 1} [Velvet] OO
necklace: [MANDALA] Pearl Rain Necklace /White | *MM Luxe* Bamboo & Pearl Necklace
lingerie: Zaara : Trikaya Lingerie *wine* | {Zaara} : Kanti Lingerie *frost*
Pose: PF10 – F – don’t freak out! | AnaLu *fresh poses* 163

BTW-The skins shown are both offered as SLDD discounted items. Savings: 425L + 85L = 510L


Member’s Only

By Luna Jubilee  //  Clothing  //  No Comments

Cassandra’s Envy is today’s SL Daily Deals 50% off item and is from Phoenix Rising. Check out the SLDD site for the details on of the dress.


The cool thing about the new SLDD is that not only will you have access to the daily 50% off items but also several discounted products from all the SLDD designers every day! Yup. Each designer will have at least 3 items of their current stock marked at a discount. Read that again. I’ll wait.

So if you’re not a fan of the daily deal on a particular day, you can browse the full list of designers and shop their discounts (some will update daily).


Only those in the shopper’s club are able to get the discounts. You can purchase this dress, Stacie’s Strength, at the club discount or full price. With SLDD memberships only 10L until April 30th, its a fantastic offer.

Get in the club today, check out the designers and for sure you’ll looking forward to the club exclusives starting in May like I am!

Shopper Registration Details here

**SLDD Note: As we greatly appreciate designers asking to join, at this time, we are not taking applications. We will, however; in a month or so. We recommend keeping an eye on the site. Thanks again!**

Product’s Used
hair:>TRUTH< Mena – pecan
accessory: Canimal – Skellyflies
outfit: -Phoenix Rising- Stacie’s Strength (Blue)
shoes: #OC# Melanie- Satin White
bracelet: [MANDALA] Pearl Rain Bracelet/White
skin: L.Fauna {Lapine . Tan 1} [Opium] OO
pose: [snOok] Hai im Vega

Other dress blogged prior: Click here for the details



Sayuri is Tuli’s upcoming release. Just yesterday, she released the group gift and people were all a buzz. I received the sneak peak pack shortly after. If you can’t wait for the official launch on April 22nd, join the group. Ya know, do it anyway. The join fee of 250L is nothing with a whole lot of  awesomeness given to the group often.

Tuli asian

This skin pack as so many beautiful makeups with that soft Asian feel. Sayuri, from the pics I’ve seen so far, looks so unique and alluring on so many shapes. Even-though Tuli designed a shape just for this skin, don’t feel you need to change to wear the skin. Check out Tuli’s flickr group to see what I mean. Remarkable women all wearing Sayuri.

The name Sayuri for me conjures the time I spent reading “Memoirs of a Geisha”. I wanted to show the skin how I dreamt of Sayuri in the story – classic with an unexpected sex appeal and edge. Finding the disheveled hair at Red Queen (I’m a secret fangirl of this store) and the off-the-shoulder kimono by BareRose is just so perfect.

The location is on the beautiful sim called Japan Kanto.

Store Location: []::Tuli::[]

products used
hair: [rQ]Low(F)~ONYX/DIRTY
skins: []::Tuli::[] Sayuri tone 2 :: 07b
outfit: ::: B@R ::: I Only Said


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