Home Series: The Big House

Since my last post about home decor, my IMs have been on fire with people asking for more decor posts. My home isn’t overly stylistic but rather comfortable and cozy. Similar to my fashion tastes.

House Series - Main House

This is what I call the main house as its much larger. For this space, I’ve created a minimalist entry by removing the bulky doors and placing only a large photo at the end of the hallway. This pulls you into the space. The first stop is the downstairs sitting area. The sitting area is nearly identical as it was in the store. I just rezzed the set and added only a few other elements.

You can go upstairs by taking the cantilevered staircases, I kept with the “less is best” motif. I like keeping photos around the house simple; just prims hung on the wall. This area is turned away from any of the main windows so when standing outside, these personal touches are not seen. Yeah you could cam but don’t be that pervy neighbor.

For the outside, its two oversized patio chairs with multiple sits. My favorite is the chalkboard. It took only a few minutes in photoshop to create. I added a few pieces here to help dress up the area but kept it simple.

I’ve created a flickr group for all of you to add your home pictures: SL Homes

Thanks for checking out my home. I appreciate folks taking time to IM me about the post!

Products Used
Hall Way
photo: The LOFT – The Tree of Life by Gustav Klimt (Colleen Desmoulins)
rug: The Loft- (LP)- Rug (Miabella Foxley)

fireplace: (pda) Recycled Fireplace – Brown (Izzy Bereznyak)
sitting area: :[MudHoney]: Designs – Rustic Spring (Rayvn Hynes)
screen: Second Spaces *SLDD Exclusive* Sophia Living *Laryn recolor* (Elle Kirshner)

lamp: Kyoot Home – Light Bulb Chandelier (shabby white) (Saeya Nyanda)
bed: The Loft (LP) – Full Size Bed (Miabella Foxley)
rug: The Loft- (LP)- Rug (Miabella Foxley)
side table: Kyoot Home – Shabby Coffee Table – White (Saeya Nyanda)
accessories: Kyoot Home – Small Mint Flower Pot II (Saeya Nyanda)

chalkboard: *~MMGraffiti’s~* Easel-blackboard+rafel+chalk_4prim [N-white] (masomaso Quan)
lanterns: The Loft – Dazel Paper Lanterns (Colleen Desmoulins)
pots: The Loft – Rose Pots (Colleen Desmoulins)
seating: le boudoir_Sofa MANUTTI 03 (dareoner Yao)
ivy: [[[nocc.]]] ivy02 bottom (Nocco Oldrich)

house: *Y’s HOUSE* OMOYA (yacchan Clip)

note: items are no long available | designers names are added to help locate items

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