Bad Business: Selling/Using Names Without Consent

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Every day I receive a store message from a messaging service like ScriboMatic. These types of systems are awesome. I don’t have to free up a group slot to keep in touch with ongoings at the store.

Its NOT ok that I get messages from stores I don’t know or even visited. Today, I received a notice from a particular store that I didn’t sign up to join the mailing list. Yet, I have a message from this store.

I go to the store using the LM in the message, fly around the chaos for a few minutes and I don’t see the mailing list board. I IM the owner, who’s standing near my landing point.

I ask to be removed, he removes me. I think to ask him how he got my name as I’ve never heard of the store let alone visited the place to touch the board. He said they have several locations. Again, still don’t know the store to get on the board. This is a sure sign that my name was added or possible “sold” to the owner.

Its a bad business practice to sell people’s names to others in way of a mailing list or any other form. To the best of my knowledge, I didn’t approve the use of my name in this way.

Selling names for purpose of mailing lists or even using the sold list is a bad business practice.

Oh, I’m not the only one that this happens to and its never ever good. I know I won’t shop the store and will be asked to removed from the list, if I can not locate the unsubscribe feature.

(If you’re on my plurk line, you’ll know what store I’m talking about… but I’m not giving this store name or the owner here.)

5 Comments to “Bad Business: Selling/Using Names Without Consent”

  • We have a Hippo subscribo, and I know that it can be set to automatically add anyone who buys something to your group. You can also add people manually, which might have happened since you are a blogger and the store owner might have wanted you on his list. I think that doing either is extraordinarily annoying, and I can’t see making customers through these practices. Far better to fill a subscribo with enticing freebies.

  • And my alts were added … not just mine, but others on plurk said the same thing. One of my alts rarely joins any groups (and not any animation groups) or even mailing lists.

    I’m curious as to how people sell lists of names. Or how can ownership and use of items that “capture” avatar information as they past by stores. How is this not a violation of LL TOS?! Even in the AR, when I filled it just tonite against this store owner for the spam, there is a classification for advertising spam!

    This store owner in question has lost a lot of credibility tonite and in past practices. History does speak for itself.

  • I went to the sim to see if I could remove myself and found a whole butt-load of boxes with his “system.” He was also near the landing point. After looking and seeing no way to be removed I im’d a request to remove my name. He indicated that he did with a “done” after having some sarcasm at my expense due to a misspelling of a word. (I spelled a word wrong by 1 letter).

    Due to the way he handled the situation I reported him to Linden Labs through the usual way of AR especially after having heard friends with the same issue of being added without permission.

    Initially I had thought it was the subscribomatic system and took it upon myself to write to the creator. They confirmed that you cannot add names with that system. But wrote back to me very quickly and said that he would also look into the situation.

    And recently guess what?? – I received the latest notice. So not only has he violated the ToS of SL but also did not do what he said and removed my name. So be ready to receive yet another notice, Luna.

    I will be doing another AR and probably a formal complaint letter to the office since apparently all the ARs are still not being instigated by Linden Labs in a timely manner to remove this way of doing business from the grid.

    In my 4 years of playing SL this is the first time I have had a single person abuse this practice in such a way and I am not pleased.

  • I’m hoping, naive like, that this is a rare case. I would like to think other store owners will learn from him and have better business practices.

    You’re completely right, Zoe, once is enough to be upset.

  • It’s true that the Hippo Groups system allows shop owners to add names at will, or based on traffic or purchases. Subscribomatic does not allow people to do this, and actually, I seem to remember that they won’t import subscriber lists from services that do.

    I once encountered a store owner who joined a lot of hunts in a row, probably got a lot of subscribers from it, and then deleted their unsubscribe kiosk. When they didn’t respond to my requests to be removed from their mailer, I actually wrote to the SOM management and they were more than happy to remove me manually and also warn the shop owner that they would be suspended from the service if they continued in such a manner. So, for anyone having issues with an SOM list, I would highly recommend the SOM guys – they’re honest people and were quite pleasant to deal with.

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