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Home Series: Reading Nook

Y’s House products now have a little large section in my inventory. When they announced their group gift, I couldn’t wait to own the little house. There is a large version available in case you’re not a fan of the smaller spaces. For me, its ideal for bringing to life a cozy reading nook. I think this is perfect for any imagination.

I wanted the exterior to be loaded with pots and plants. I love homes with a careful spirit and for some reason potted plants have this feel for me.

Reading nook 2

As for the interior, I wanted to keep the floor space open and used furniture that was simple. The focal points are the books and papers around the room. My fav is using a small potted plant on the “homemade” ledge. This ledge I created using two prims. Using the shelf in the back for books and two pillows was a perfect touch to cover up the bar in the original build.

Reading nook 1

One of the bloggers I like to stalk follow is Thema Felix. She also showcased this little house on her blog. Thema created a whole other look for the space. What will you do with the house?

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Totally 80s

By Luna Jubilee  //  Clothing  //  2 Comments

Usually I change my look or outfit often. I think now that I’ve aged to a ripe old age of three and half I tend to change less. Since I received this jewelry set, I’ve been looking for something to use with it. Don’t read that wrong as it’s a set that won’t work with everyone – it is. I’m just trying to blog it in a way that will set it apart from others.  So enough of my yammering, here’s the beautiful jewelry using my totally eighties outfit.

totally 80s

products used
hair: >TRUTH< Grace – pecan by Truth Hawks
skin: []::Tuli::[] Jade (tone 3/br) :: The Deck (c) by Tuli Asturias
shirt: [ATOMIC] Cropped Love Tee – Cotton by Ivy Graves
jeans: [N] super skinny jeans – darkest by Hannah Bohannes
jewelry: (Caroline’s Jewelry) Donata Collection in Blue by Caroline Apollo
ring: Zaara : Raga oyster ring *paua* (silver) by Zaara Kohime
shoes: Maitreya Gold Aequus *Boxed* All-in-One by Onyx LeShelle
pose: [snOok] Hai im Luxe by Snooky Mubble


Advertising Available

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Place an ad with the ShopaholicFeed Network. One ad placement will show on this blog and on No need for being charged the higher “joint ad” rate with us. All advertisements are shown on all the pages and rotate positions.

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Couple Pose: !BANG

There are so many cute pose creators on the grid. There is a new pose store called !BANG. With only a few pose sets and almost just as many couple poses the store has outgrown its space. With a couples pose on the ground at the store, you’ll be just as delighted as I was to see the imaginative poses. I’ve used some of the single poses in one or two of my last poses.

BANG Crush

Check out !BANG inworld for yourself, if you haven’t already. Super cute things and I’m hoping for more to come … if they can find the space! Maybe that’s why they have the couple pose on the ground?!

Oh also I’m planning new, and very short, home post coming up. Its to showcase the quaint little place we used for the background.

Pose: !BANG Crush by Trieste Minuet


BootCamp: Photography Preparation

By Luna Jubilee  //  BootCamp  //  6 Comments

Express thought the the bootcamp category needed a little love so he convinced me to work with him on a huge post about taking pictures.

Most of photography is about the preparation and post-processing. This guide will focus on the part of the preparation half that is common to just about all pictures.

Advanced Menu

Ctl-Alt-D (or Cmd-Alt-D for Apple folk).

Torley can explain this better than me, so feel free to watch this video.

If you’re on the older 1.23 viewers, take a look at this video.

This menu gives access to unsupported viewer features. None of these settings are necessary nor do they affect picture quality, but I tend to use them just to make life easier

  • Disable Camera Constraints – check to cam freely. You can perv on your neighbors three sims over now.
  • Quiet Snapshots to Disk – check to turn off the camera’s click-whirr. Makes your perving less noticable.
  • Hi-res Snapshots – check to make your snapshots to disk 4x their regular size. We’ll talk about this more later.

Remember, this menu isn’t supported so be careful.

Basic Graphics Settings

Changing your graphics settings under preferences is generally a no-brainer.

Which of the following four sounds best:

  • Low
  • Medium
  • High
  • Ultra

If you didn’t say “Ultra”, try again. read more


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