For me and me alone

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My blog may not be the biggest or the most popular but I enjoy spending time on photos and flipping through poses and different looks. This one came to me when I saw the new Truth hair and the poses at !BANG.
BANG luna blog

Blogs are to be an outlet of self-expression. I’m sure looking back in my 3 years of blogging I look like a crabby blogger or a total nutballor both.  Regardless of the perception I’ve done countless skin reviews, general reviews, men’s fashion and now a few home decor posts.  I’ve spent the last few day re-organizing blog posts and wanted to show off the work :P

I’m really proud where my blogging adventure has taken me and it shows solid growth. My blog is my SL profession. One of the designers many moons ago told me that I’ll always be known as a blogger regardless of what I do. He was right. I’m a blogger. Its what I do … and do for me.

Products Used
< hair: >TRUTH< BoHo – honey by Truth Hawks
< skin: L.Fauna {Lapine . Pale 2} [Fresh-FR] OO by Launa Fauna
shirt: *Crazy* Reiko Shirt by loan Jogiches
< skirt: Nyte’N’Day – Denim Mini Mini Skirt Shorts – Medium by Nyte Caligari
tattoo: [TH] Tattoo – Alive out of Habit by Till Hapmouche
feet: SLink Jolie Pied Barefeet Medium by Siddean Munro
< pose: !BANG – Just for Fun by Trieste Minuet
background: my house

Items marked with < denotes it was a gift or review copy

9 Comments to “For me and me alone”

  • I love your blog. The tutorials, the pictures, the interesting photos you take. I want to start blogging, something i’ve not really done a lot of, and reading your blog lately has really inspired me.

    You are a caring community member, very supportive of the Second Life(tm) world and environment, the fashion and content creators. It really shows, at least to me.

    Thank you Luna!!

    +Summer Deadlight+

  • totally <3 you!

    Thank you for the sweet words & reading :))

  • I am a faithful reader, and I like to think friend as well. I appreciate your thoughts, and your ideas. You have a great sense of style, and are one of my own personal favorites!

  • I adore you and your blog. With great pictures, well informed and above all you show alot of class. It is to easy to drag people to read something with drama and finger pointing, better to do it with talent and hold your head high.
    I have followed your blog for a long time now, it is one of the rare ones I read.

    Keep being proud of what you do, we need more like you and crappy bloggers like me will keep looking and reading and learning.

  • Fel – You’re one of the few I watch for style trends.

    Beu – That’s how I think of your blog – always honest and polite.

    You both are my friend and it means so much to have you guys reading. <3

  • I also adore your style and your blogs/pictures. It’s nice to see this well made blog, since there is lots of very varied SL blogs around there. I hope one day my SL pictures will show same sort of style and creativity as yours!

  • Love…you and your blog <3

  • <3

  • Aww Bastet! I admire you and your store!!! Keep up the great work :)

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