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Ready or Not

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Two of my favorite designers are launching new products. One being a ton of new clothing from Phoenix Rising. Just a week ago, there was huge release of items and now this one. I can’t get over the amount of new things coming from this brand. I love it all too!

July 30 full

The other new item is the skin by Tuli. Its the latest addition to the Gina collection at The Dressing Room. Every 2 weeks there Tuli has a new Gina makeup. I made sure to do a close up of this makeup, its just below the cut.

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Roller Romper

Funny, just the other day when cleaning my inventory I was my roller skates and hoped a designer would make something for them. My wish came true! Just released, this romper from BOOM. How do you not enjoy something that is such a flashback and packed with a ton of color. The romper even comes in more than a dozen colors!

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Even the rainbow accessories are available! That means the headband, the two wristbands and socks. The sweatbands come in the rainbow pattern only. The socks are available in plenty of colors.

Continue reading to find out who the designer is and the style notes.

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Summer Storms

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When Tyr Rozenblum writes, I listen. Ok not really but she’s an awesome chick! Tyr has a ton of imagination. She started designing for herself as she’s an experienced RPer. Over time, people asked where she got her clothing. Soon after her brand was born. Her products, whether its skins or clothing and accessories, have come such a long way.

Soon enough this outfit will be available for purchase. I love a half tank and super long skirt. These types of skirts are so awesome to for snaps.
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This location is simply amazing. I highly recommend taking some time to explore. Its just so cool. With my new post payouts, I’m keeping additional photos under the cut with the details and location.

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Lola’s Colors

Lola is full of color. So much so that I think I broke my CS5’s gif makerthingamajig. Please be prepared for some serious photo spam. You’ll just have to forgive me just this one. This skin deserves something and this something is a photo-montage.

Miss Launa Fauna will be launching Lola’s 2nd makeup pack very shortly. I love that she keeps her makeups in small packages of 5. Its manageable and small enough quite easily to fall in love with each of the personalities.

Lola 2 blue

The incoming photos (after the cut) will make it quite clear as to why I’ve followed this skin created fro the past 3 years. L.Fauna, as its known today, was the first skin brand I religiously trailed. Just recently, she’s become a great friend of mine. Regardless of the friendship, the dorky fangirl still slips out when I see new makeups … and usually in-front of her. wow. I’m a dork.

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Home Series Spotlight – What Next

Just recently I started a Home Series on my blog.  In hunting for items, I soon realized there are so many creating awesome homes furnishings and prefabs. With that in mind, I’ll choose a designer from time to time to showcase. The posts will be predominantly that one designer.

For the first spotlight, I chose What Next by Winter Thorn.

Blogged - House Series: Creator Spotlight

I can not be held responsible for loss of massive amounts of lindens in this store. When I first went I was good and I got just a bed. I was good but then on this shopping trip. I was loaded over with products and love them all. Keep on reading to see the additional picture of the interior, the details and the store slurl.

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