!BANG – New Couples Pose

Perfect timing for the wedding season, !BANG released a new pose just yesterday called Spin Me ’round. I think I’m on a wickedly fast release cycle. So far its been every other day or so. Not sure if I’ll keep up the pace or blog the stuff as often. I may have to figure out how to release in batches.  !BANG does have its own blog so maybe I’ll show off the other angle of the pose there later.

!BANG Spin Me

So until I figure it all out, I’ll spam blog some stuff here on occasion.

Bloggers are welcome to contact Trieste Minuet. Please send via notecard with your blog address with the poses you would like to review or just want to be added to the blogger list. Thanks in advance!

Oh, I know people have already asked about the dress: -Phoenix Rising- Encounter (Red)

Store location: !BANG

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