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Plurky Blogger: Oldies but Goodies

Over the next I-don’t-know-how-long-but-a-good-while, I’m participating in the Plurky Blogger challenge put forth by Alysha Rennahan. I’ve added a category as well so you can follow along as its planned to have several post challenges in the month and a bonus.

The first challenge is Oldies but Goodies. Sure I can post my Last Call faves but that felt like an easy post for me. I’ve deleted so much of my past, as one should since there have been so many advancements. What’s basically survived are things I found by checking the acquired date on the items. Here’s what’s  some of the older things I own after the cleaning:

Oldies but Goodies

Find out the story of the clothing shown, by following me on
Also, join me on plurk!

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Plurkie Love

In the past few days maybe even in the past week or so I’ve been MIA on the blogging scene. What better way to come out of my blogging funk than with one of my favorite blog types – Look of the Day.

This outfit was styled for the plurk party centered about Glee. I’m not a Gleek but the party theme was fun with a terrible crashing sim. However it was in the best spirit!

Plurk is great for those hermits who secretly love being social, like me. I love being on plurk. Full of drama, chaos and made a ton of great friends who offer a ton of support … even met someone very special nearly 2 years ago. Sign up for plurk here.

lotd 829

Below are the style notes and a close up of the new L.Fauna skins!

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Dream Big List

Over the last few days I’ve been hearing of bucket lists. These lists are focused on things to do before one dies. My list won’t be a bucket list rather a Dream Big List. I don’t want to focus on the lack of time or the act of checking off items. My list are things to celebrate and for me to be proud. I’ve decided to bring you on the adventure that will surely be created from my Dream Big List.

Missing You

Sharing this list renders me open and vulnerable to so much. The best part to all this, its my list. Its something that’ll grow with me and allow for additions, never subtractions. Once its written and shared, it becomes a goal. Its not just any goal but ones I’ve thought about for some time.

For these blog posts, as they might not be daily or monthly, but surely will be, I’ve created a category along the sidebar for ease of following. The posts could be the actual achievement or just thoughts as I stretch for the dream.

Let’s get started with three of my very large and lofty dreams for SL that I’ve already accomplished:

  • Create a feed (achieved in May 2009)
  • Become a blogger (achieved in April 2009)
  • Open a store (achieved in May 2010)
  • Sure they might be easy achievements for some, for me they were huge milestones and I’ve dreamed of them for such a long time. As things are achieved, there is room for additions as new dreams abound.

    For the remainder of the list, check out the items below:
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    !BANG Launch Party

    By Luna Jubilee  //  !bang  //  No Comments

    I’ve been busy setting up the new !BANG mainstore over the past several days. Now that we finally have a large location to call home, we are excited for today’s party to launch the brand. I hope you all can attend!

    !BANG Opening Celebration

    Come out to see the store and party with us! Taxi to !BANG


    The Truth in Color

    Hey all – I know you are overloaded with your new hair from the Truth sale. I know that you are getting the all color fat packs. As you unpack your eyes will bulge as the color names fill your inventory window. Surely you’ll think “how will I ever know what’s the color is brown, blacks, etc”. Here’s my lists of Truth colors – Alphabetical and By Color Family.

    Blogged: Shipoopi

    This is one of my favorite Truth hair photos from my Truth Flickr set. Check out the blog post I did with this photo a few months back.

    Enjoy your sale finds!


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