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Isolde’s New Makeups

Isolde VivanteOne of my favorite things about blogging is doing up skin posts. Over the years, its gone from reviews to showing off only my favorite designers. The reason for the shift is that I find so many skinners spend hours and days and weeks maybe even months to hone their skills. I tend to talk about the emotions of what the skin brings to me and not the technical any longer. It basically comes down to I blog the skins I like and that’s really it.

Exodi is on that short list of favorite designers. I always am thrilled to show off these skins. Typically I bring on Scarlet to show off the group gift in the darker tone but not this time. I saw the freckles and knew I wanted a close up.

Isolde is not a new skin truly. This release is an addition to the past release of Isolde. This line now has 15 more makeups. More pale lips and soft eyeshadows with the occasional bold makeup. I just adore!

As a note, I did use some photoshop on this pic but it was to boost the color and smooth out those points of the avie. The skin is really what it is as if found in world.

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Home Series Spotlight: The Loft

My last home post was, wow, nearly 3 months ago in my Home Series. I think in all my posts I’ve shown at least a few elements from The Loft if not majority of the post. For this post, its all about one brand.

Its no secret I’m a huge fan of The Loft. It was the first home store I found. This love affair has been going on for years. I still keep all the items I’ve ever purchased.

The Loft - Exterior

When the white on white bedroom suite was released a few weeks back, I visited it several times over. When I make large purchases I tend to stalk the store and debate buying it. Express was so sweet and gifted this to me. I really think he just wanted to put me out my misery of visiting and not coming home with the set.

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post apocalyptic fallout

By Ranger Theas  //  Fashion, Men's Fashion  //  2 Comments

Ranger LOTD 0927

Today’s post is taking inspiration from the types of movies I’ve been watching just minus the zombies or cannibals. Super simple, layered and ideal for post-war … or the fall season.

Click thru to to see the additional photo of the location and style notes.

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More than seasons change

By Ranger Theas  //  Fashion, Men's Fashion  //  No Comments

Ranger LOTD 0926

See more on Just when you thought Luna’s blog was just female fashion – it has a few guy posts with more being planned. Check out the posts from Express Zenovka and myself, Ranger Theas here.

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