My new obsession

I’m still getting used to my new look. I didn’t think it would take this long to adjust. To compare the faces I logged in my alt blogging partner, Scarlet Hudson. She’s always worn a similar shape to mine. This time I gave her my old body and stood her next to me so you all can see the updates too. Right away the height difference was apparent then it was the curves. I didn’t photograph it by my new shape is much shorter and more curvaceous.

My Alt

What’s taking me so long to get over is the facial changes. Its not that I don’t like them its just a huge departure from what I looked like for so long. The new look, in my opinion, is much younger. Can I say innocent and get away with it?! Kinda doubt it, right?

I’ve added other things too like ears and legs. Yes, Forrest, I have new legs. I’ve been wearing them but not yet ready to show them off in a post.  The reason I hesitant is because I’m not really sure how to style with them. And I’m thinking I may just keep them for me, not blog them.

Perhaps all of this is just my new obsession …

Find out more about the product used after the cut.

products used
On Luna
~hair: >TRUTH< Leona – swedish
~skin: L.Fauna {Lola . Pale 2} [Aile-FR] OO
~eyes: L.Fauna Charm Eyes [Blue 1]
lashes: Cheap Makeup Liner + Lashes #6
ears: ++PE++ Wilted Elf Ears- Plain
shirt: fri. – Henley.Hoodie – Seafoam
~pants: -Phoenix Rising- Mona Pants (White)
necklace: P.C; Glass Flower Necklace

On Scarlet
hair: >TRUTH< Mena – treacle
skin: L.Fauna {Lapine . Dark 1} [Velvet] OO
eyes: L.Fauna COCOA 2
tank: fri. – Traveler’s.Tank (Turquoise)
sweater: *Urbanity* Long Sleeve Top *argyle brown*
jeans: [Decoy] Inferno 88 Jeans – Dark Denim

~pose: Glitterati Poses – Summer sisters

~complimentary copies

2 Comments to “My new obsession”

  • It’s really interesting watching the way you are experimenting with your avatar Luna. I really like the way each blog entry is a step in a new direction, and your bravery in daring to be different and documenting it for us is inspirational.

    I know that The Plastik is a mainstream store that makes many things that work with digigrade legs. I think Zanzo does too. Just use that keyword in search and you’ll find lots of options.

    Good luck with your continuing quests Luna.

  • Thanks Justin.
    I’m still tweaking here and there but I think the majority of the shape is done. The tweaks will just happen over time.
    The Plastik is a great shop. With my new outlook on shopping, I’ll need to revisit as well as Zanzo. Shopping is so much more interesting now.
    Thank you very much for your comment … and for reading my blog! <3

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