Blogger Challenge: Show Me Your Style

I’m so grateful for plurk. I ask a slue of questions to find new things or those items I just can’t seem to find by myself. There’s another side too. There’s a gripe here and there not only mine but others. There are a few about spamming the feeds with the same type of “review” (aka showing off) new things. You all know the type: its the post that shows a gazillion photos of all the options. I had to get in the way-back machine to find that link … so you best look. LOOK AT!

I pose a challenge – Skip the oodles of photos – go for style! The next time you get the urge to show off your newest item, do a style post. That’s right, keep the amount of photos in the post low and add in your style. Forget the headshot, no more 360 angle or montage – give it your personality – find a creative way to show newness! Stop being a demo doll!

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Don’t just think this is a one time challenge, keep it mind for all your posts. Help make the feeds a better place.

If you do this type of challenge, leave your blog links to the post in the comments below. I’d love to see your creativity!

(Btw – I’ve done plenty of photo montage reviews in my day …)

products used
~hair: >TRUTH< Rei – swedish
~skin: L.Fauna {Lola . Pale 2} [Hyacinth-FR] OO
ears: ++PE++ Wilted Elf Ears- Plain
~shirt: Kyoot – Pretty Summer Vest Pink (shirt)
overshirt: Berries Inc. mel shirt lemon
pants: *BOOM* Seaman Pants mud
~bracelet: ZC : Sadaf shell bracelet *silver*
necklace: Donna Flora ROSALINDA necklace
hooves: [Gauze] Faun Legs – Naturals
~pose: Glitterati – long hair 6

location: Euthrix

4 Comments to “Blogger Challenge: Show Me Your Style”

  • Love those pants! Great post :)

  • Thanks Sileny!

    These pants are such a fave – I probably wear them more often that I should on the blog! lol

  • I’ve to admit I’m a blogger who has montage or more than 2 pictures in my post *blush* Well I’m trying to have less picture in my post. This will be a start -> http://nievethor.wordpress.com/2010/10/24/answering-blog-challenge/

  • I love it Nieve – thank you so much for taking the challeng. I hop you enjoyed doing up a different style post than what you’re used to!

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