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I love playing in shadows. My computer, on the other hand, hates them.

A few days ago I’ve been setting up a few different windlight settings for ideal shadows. While tweaking I stumbled on this idea of a pitch black background. One thing lead to another and I was in photoshop cleaning up the photo.

Bedtime Stories

I didn’t see anything glaring until I uploaded the finished work onto flickr. Its known that things get changed depending on file type. I admit I know nothing about the differences but can say I’ve been reading on this topic to learn. Its on my “to-do” list to create a tutorial for this once I understand it (aka, talk to Express) and post it to my Blog Boot Camp.

Also, I’ve heard from a few people telling me they don’t see the lines and other do. For me, I see lines all over the finished photos (only after posted to flickr) and not as pronounced on the original/raw photo or even on the photoshop file.  The few marks on the raw photo are more than likely left by my computer hating me for using shadows.

Now I wouldn’t be so obsessed if I didn’t keep my monitors at nearly blinding full bright. Other monitors I’ve viewed this photo on calibrated correctly to be less bright. Always showing the colors to be less vivid or the lines are less glaring. So now I wonder — how do you see my photos? bright, dull, dark, light, etc.

I welcome you to browse my other photos on my flickr and leave comments on how the colors appear to you. This, I’m hoping, will help me tweak how I work in photoshop.

For the style information, check out this prior post.
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