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Since yesterday’s post about the prim hands at SLink I’ve received several IMs and private plurks. Theses folks asked about how to HUD works to wanting my opinion on how really easy it is to tint. I’ve decided to create an InDepth post with the information.

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The HUDs
The hands arrive with two huds. One is “omni” hud and another the “addon” for customizing the gems on the bracelets and rings, if you choose those options.

Let’s first talk about the “omni”,hud. This is the most “complex” of the two huds since it drives all the options for the hands from tinting, sizing, jewelry and much more. The “omni” hud controls are easy to use with just a few clicks you can tinker to find the right options for you. Here’s a picture of the “omni” hud:

blogged: SLink InDepth

The additional hud you’ll see with your purchase is the controls for the gems on the jewelry. You only use this hud if you selected the jewelry options on the “omni” hud. Here’s a picture of the “addon” hud:

blogged: SLink InDepth

This topic is where I get the most questions. I have to be honest I used to hate using huds until I met Express. He showed me the best way to tint things by using the RBG option. When purchasing items that are HUD based I tend to look for the option to RBG tint.

My trick is to turn on “Show Color Under Cursor” in the Advanced Menu. This will give you the RGB values in the corner of your viewer. Just glide your cursor anywhere over your screen and the numbers automatically change.

I’ll find a point on my skin using my cursor to get that exact point’s RGB value and plug it into the hud. For this hud the command is “/13 skin R,G,B”. (There is an included notecard with your purchase that talks about this specifically so I won’t address it here.) The trick is that you may not get the correct number so you may have to tweak the brightness level or find the middle of two RGB values of your skin.

Also keep in mind that these hands have details that most skins don’t. I typically wear hand-drawn skin or hybrids that lean more towards hand-drawn. As you can see in the photo I’m not a total expert on this but I do like the outcome. I would be ok with going out with this tint and not have the fear of non-matching hands.

Most important – Save, save, save your newly tinted color. I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve not saved my tones and kicked myself! Of course there’s not enough slots for all your skins so choose your most worn tone from your favorite skin creators.

Sizing & Position
Again using the Omni hud you can select your size of hands and position. This just like your own shape is up to your own personality. Finding what size fits your shape is as easy as using the slider – just click. As for the position, just like size, its what your choice. The three hand positions are independent from the other had. You can choose flex for one hand and curl for the other. For me in my photo I choose two different positions.

Alpha Layer
The hands to come with the alpha layer to hide your avatar’s actual hand. Just like shoes, you just wear the layer. Just be sure you’re not taking off your shoe or another parts alpha layer. I have shoes or my faun legs that need an alpha layer. For the hands, I did switch to a viewer that supporst the option to APPLY an additional layer.

All the other fun things
As for jewelry and nail colors I think this where I spent most of the time! Yes way more than tinting or resizing. Its only because I like futzing with these options. Its either on or off or silver or gold … and all the nail color options! Once I select the jewelry parts there’s even more great options for the gem colors using the “addon” hud. See, this why I spend the most time on this!

Thank you so much for all the comments and questions. I hope I addressed them in this InDepth look at SLink De Jolie Mains Hands Relaxed Set 1. Please free feel to leave your thoughts or any unaddressed topics in this post’s comments. I welcome the discussion.

Products used
~hair: >TRUTH< Tamina – swedish
~skin: [PXL] Candy NAT NE PassionLips LEB
~hands: SLink de Jolie Hands v1.0 Relaxed
ears: ++PE++ Wilted Ear- Plain 2*
~eye shadow: L.Fauna Smokey Cat-Shadow [Black]
~shrug: Zaara : 5 Naina distressed shrug *pink*
tank: strawberry
~skirt: Zaara : 2 Trishna print skirt waist ruffle *fuschia*
bracelet: Zaara : Indra painted stacked bangles *silver*
~pose: !bang

~complimentary copies

4 Comments to “InDepth: SLink Prim Hands”

  • Hi Luna. WOW, thanks for such an indepth post about my hands!! That’s very sweet of you! :D I just wanted to mention that I am working on a softer texture set for the hands based on the feedback I’ve received about these, to better match the softer and more handpainted skins out there, so they will be released really soon, and included as an optional HUD. :)

  • Hey Siddean <3
    You know I love these hands - I totally gushed to you yesterday! lol
    I'm so thrilled to hear you're planning a softer texture.
    Can't wait!
    Thanks for the comment and additional information!

  • I love these hands! i got to play with them a little last night and was so excited to see your blog this a.m.! I showed them to my partner last night and after he gushed about how pretty they were he asked when the mens style would be out (>.<) Have to admit guy hands are pretty ugly in SL, but was kinda shocked on that one! :D
    Great work! thanks again!

  • In all honestly I haven’t taken them off. I don’t mind wearing them around at all.
    I’d love to see a men’s style. I know Siddean has done several options with her prim feet line so I’m hoping she’ll do a guys version too!
    Thank you for leaving a comment – have a great time playing with the hands lol

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