Take Me Away

There are a new things at my favorite designers this weekend and I branched out to a new-to-my-inventory skin designer. So you may ask what’s a “new-to-my-inventory” item. Its a product from a designer like this skin that I’ve not own before or perhaps not in a long time. If you watched or even commented on my hunt for a new skin on plurk, I’ve officially started with one pack. I’m really quite happy with the selection.

take me away

Next its the new items from Nayar and Whippet & Buck. Since I saw these jeans they haven’t left my body. They aren’t low slung or have a goofy style to the cuff. Actually there are several cuff styles (I like them all) and the pant looks finished even without the cuffs. These are most certainly in my top 3 of best jeans to wear.

As for the W&B dress its part of their exclusive release at LeLook. Three other colors to choose from and all nicely priced. If you get all the dresses and it really won’t break your bank.

Of course I used a pose from my own store !bang. I think I may need to make more doll-like poses.

Products Used
~hair: Magika – Allison (Blonde: Swedish)
ears: ++PE++ Wilted Ear- Plain 1*
skin: [ATOMIC] Skin Emma_Cream – Mulberry 1 FRECK
~dress: [W&B] Anchored Frock CHERRY/ALABASTER
shirt: fri. – Longsleeve Scoop.Tee (white)
~jeans: !Nayar – Anna Jeans [Blue]
shoes: [PM] Pixel Mode : Baby T’s – Plain – Red
~pose: !bang

~complimentary color

10 Comments to “Take Me Away”

  • Thanks for the jean tip! I’m constantly on the hunt for the perfect SL jeans. :)

  • I’m always looking for top quality jeans. I hope you like these as much as I do!

  • Great post and great look! I’m glad you like the jeans. :)

  • Very Cute!!!

  • Decoy does some awesome jeans in so many colours should def check um out if u havent already

  • Thanks :))

    Dawnde – I’ll have to go back to look at Decoy. The last I knew she had updated her jeans about 2 years ago. That brand is for sure in my collection just not worn often since my pair is older. I’m super picky for jeans … and Nayar is awesome!

  • Luna,

    I have the Decoy jeans, too, and love them. I have one pair in black that pretty much goes with everything. They aren’t too low slung that I feel like my pelvic bone is showing but low enough that my belly button says hello to the world. :O)

    I love the PM shoes. I’ve seen them around the blogosphere and have to go check out a pair. You look cute in the outfit!


  • Just wanted to say thank you for the comment on my blog and how much I am loving the dress in this post!

  • Ava – I too like the “just below” the hip jean. Its so hard to find a good quality jean that fits all my quirky likes/needs!

    Arya – You’re welcome … and thank you!

    Thanks everyone for reading and commenting!!! I love hearing from you all <3

  • […] serious, now it’s time to party. The jeans are my latest must have item – thank you Luna Jubilee or I never would have discovered Nayar. Finally good to have a pair isn’t ripped. […]

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