I can’t thank you all enough for being so supportive of my 52 Weeks of Color Challenge. I started the challenge thinking only a few people would hook. Not even in my wildest of dreams did I think over 150 people would participate. I’m so floored, honored and near speechless for the amount of time and effort everyone has put forth.

Since the beginning I’ve commented back on all the links left as comments on my blog. I wanted to personally welcome everyone to the challenge or remark on their photo or post. For me whenever I receive a comment on my blog, even after all these years, it still warms me. I hope seeing comments on your blog it does the same.


Now with just a few weeks completed and under my belt, I don’t know about you but I’ve surely seen an increase in my inventory. With every post I read I get caught up in the enthusiasm for the designer or the color and want that very product or shop that store. My list is still very long and continues to grow. My poor wallet!

Sincerely and honestly – thank you for so much… for participating, for sharing but now being a big part of my SecondLife!


products used
~hair: >TRUTH< Bonnie Streaked – swedish
~skin: L.Fauna {Lola . Pale 2} [Candy] OO
ears: :[P]:-Lionheart Elven Ear-Tale
top: JANE – lulu top.concord
jeans: [Decoy] Genesis 10 Jeans – Midnight
pose & props: GLITTERATI – Shopping

26 Comments to “ILY”

  • You’re awesomesauce, Boobilee. Your support for bloggers and creators is humbling to see. The world – all worlds – needs more people like you.


  • LOL… yeah I am totally enjoying the challenge and seeing all the other styles that come out int he same color, I am just not sure how happy I am about how much my “Must Check Out” list of stores. It was already pretty long and it keeps growing from this challenge.

    I also totally appreciate that you are also taking the time to comment on the blog posts.

  • You’re adorable and you’ve come up with an awesome challenge. It’s a very simple concept but there are so many ways to interpret a color and I’m having so much fun letting each week’s color inspire me and seeing how other people made it work as well. Thanks for dreaming it up and putting it together! :)

  • is a pleasure to participate in this challenge. So many of us like yourself have a full inventory, that keeps getting bigger. The creative minds people have amaze me, and I am never bored, not when it comes to fashion in SL.
    Thank you for putting our minds and inventories to work.

  • I surely do appreciate the comments on my blog, thank you Luna <3

    I'm not feeling especially articulate tonight, so suffice to say that I think the challenge is awesome, your blog is awesome, and YOU are awesome. I'm so glad you happened along in my SL :)

  • <3

  • Thanks for being you! And this is probably my favorite challenge to date <3

  • omg GROUP HUG! <333

    Katey, my love... much love for you & your awesomesauce support!

    Dizzy - I know the feeling. The list is a mix of small and large brands and others I'm really looking forward to blogging.

    Allison - Thanks so much - its really what you make of it. You can make it hard or easy on yourself ... I'm taking the easy route lol

    Laila - All the stuff I've collected and deleted over the years is really amazing. Now I'm kinda regretting deleting a few things!

    Ruina - You're awesome! ;)

    Stacie - <3

    Vall - YAY! thanks for being you too!

  • Luna-
    Thank you for creating such a fun challenge. I’m enjoying finding the “perfect” look and scene for each color (perfect to me that is!). It’s also great to see everyone else’s creations. Thank you also for commenting. As a fairly new blogger, I’m always happy to see a comment from a reader.

  • aw thanks♥ This is such a fun idea! :)


  • I think the hardest thing as a blogger is feeling that no one is reading. I love seeing a comment on my blog, as it makes it all feel worth while! Thank you!

  • It’s is my total pleasure to take part in this challenge. It has given me the kick in the pants I need to start blogging and as my blog is still in it’s infancy, getting any comment makes me happy. Thank you Luna :)

  • Luna you are such a great and awesome creative mind. 52 weeks of Color is only one example of all the wonderful ideas you have. I love your spirit, and energy that you give in all your projects. Thank you for taking the time to comment and make us feel special in some way. ILY too HUGS!

  • I was honestly flawed and humbled that you took the time to comment on my lil blog, let alone comment on everyones. Thank you for the time and support you dedicate to all bloggers, old and new alike. I can see i’m not alone when I say, your efforts are greatly appreciated and i’m thoroughly looking forward to the next 50 weeks :)

  • Well I don’t know for others but …. I almost cried when I saw your comment on my blog hehe, it sure is amazing, specially for people like me who probably don’t have that big traffic . I don’t think I can ever thank you enough for this challenge, not only its making me post more often myself, but it’s also making me discover many new bloggers and of course stores too. You rock Luna!! /hughug

  • *hugs*

  • I still consider myself a “small blogger” and love all my comments. I happy to see you all are the same. Its funny and silly to be happy over just a few words huh?! lol


  • i love it , makes me blog at least once a week and i look for stuff with the next weeks colour <3

    i was going to comment on how much i appreciated ya comments on the posts, but you beat ,me to it lol

    stunning look btw :)

  • Hi Dawde – I love to have the added time to look for the next week’s color. It makes the “stress” of finding the right look that much more easier.

    Thank you for making it so fun to blog and see your photos/blogs! :)

  • Its an honor to participate in this challenge and such a joy to see you hosting something that can bring us altogether :D:D through the love of color!
    My to see list has grown a great deal surfing through the flickr group as well! I appreciate all the effort you’re putting in this muas muas muas!! Sends so much love your ways :D

  • Plum Done, lol I am really loving everyones 52 weeks of colour :)

  • Hi Anya – much love to you! <3

    Hey Asia - you're a week ahead -- you're making us look bad! Glad to hear you're enjoying the challenge :) lol

  • I love this blog challenge, everything you do is classy, fun and well thought out. Thank you for starting this and a big thank you for commenting on my blog
    <3 your wee face

  • <3 you Beu

  • We love you back! ♥

  • I’ve never done any challenge before, so this is my first time participating, and it’s soooooooo fun!! Thank you Luna!! Hugsss

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