!bang mainstore

Many know I also own a pose store called !bang on the Lo Lo sim. I’ve always been super proud of my store but over the past week I’ve had a huge milestone for the store. With Express‘ help I was able to create a new build for my mainstore. Seeing the new store in place makes me so incredibly happy.

!bang mainstore

The first build, yes this is the second one, took me about 2 days. It was my first large-scale build. The project was surely a learning process as I’ve never aligned prims so precisely. I never released that build since I kept futzing with the color scheme and textures. As the month passed, I kept visiting the build site and slowly losing interest in that build. Finally, I told Express I didn’t like it.

He was so super supportive and helped me design and build again. I think this time he did more of the precision (I’m kinda over doing that… its damn hard work!). So I just laid out the prims for the overall look and he with his ocd made sure to align them correctly. I can’t tell you how much I never want to do this again … and how I admire builders even more now!

I’m so not a builder… sure, I’m a blogger, feed owner and poser but not a builder. Its just not my thing.

4 Comments to “!bang mainstore”

  • It looks great Luna!

  • Thank you Bella <3

  • it looks terrific, Luna! and must be satisfying, even if you just got it out of your system ;)

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