The Secret

My dear sweet Beulah Mills plurked my ad photo from my store, !bang. She wanted this coat. I didn’t realize that folks don’t know about this store. Not my store but The Secret Store!

!bang - Mistletoe Kisses

I suggest browsing this tinnnny little store. Its full of high quality items for super low prices — some even free for hunts, like the jacket!

btw – this ad is from my Stumblebum Brigade item. Its just 75L and only available until Dec 24th. Hurry over to !bang! Also, do you think I should blog my store here or would you like to see my blog be less commercially for my store?

Happy shopping! <3

products used on Trieste Minuet
hair: 69
skin: Cupcakes
earrings: Donna Flora
jacket: The Secret Store
pants: Jane
boots: Bax
poses: !bang

4 Comments to “The Secret”

  • I’m glad to see you blog !BANG items here, because I definitely don’t want to miss them! Honestly, I think you should blog whatever you want. It’s your blog, your rules. And anyone who loves your blog will love your products, too. <3

  • Thanks Stacie! <3
    I may just toss in a few blog posts... just to see how it's received. I just don't want to be too commercially for my own work, ya know.

  • I think everyone will be thrilled to see your !BANG updates here. You have a great blog and a lot of blogging and fashion cred. We want to know what you’re up to and we trust you not to turn your whole blog into BUY BUY BUY MY STUFFS! You’ve got all these other interesting posts going on.

    I didn’t know that !BANG was you until right this very second, so no worries about yakking too much about your store.


  • aww thanks Pia <3

    I spend a ton of time on my store and my blog and love them equally. Its hard not to cross the two together.

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