Luna Jubilee’s Windlight Setting: Shadows

post update: Check out all my WL settings – LunaJubile.com Windlight Settings

Over the past few months I’ve been asked what windlight setting I use for my photos. Several have commented looking for a brighter setting that still keeps the warmth of the photograph. I keep it very simple and clean. You’re welcome to download the setting for yourself using this link: Luna Jubilee’s Windlight Setting

My Windlight Setting

If you need help adding this setting to your computer after you’ve unzipped the file, check out Torley’s tutorial.

For other photography related questions like how to take high-resolution photos or depth of field, check out my Blog Boot Camp. Its full of different tutorials for bloggers and photographers.

Also, if you’d like to join Dropbox, click this link so we both can grow our storage space.


<3 Luna

photo credits
1. 12 of 52: Taupe, 2. belleza, 3. blogged: Quick Look, 4. week 8 – green, 5. !bang – hold my hand, 6. 8 of 52: Silver

18 Comments to “Luna Jubilee’s Windlight Setting: Shadows”

  • Thank you soooooooo much!!!!! How did you know I have been trying to figure this out!

  • Your BootCamp posts are very helpful. Thank you for sharing!

  • Hm, I’m probably too dumb … but when I click the link I’m getting the xml-document, the tree itself.
    Is that right? What’s the next step?

  • Hi Luna!
    I already have my dropbox. How do I link it with you?

  • I’ve got the same issue Tammy.

  • heye ya sweety awesome post! but i too only see the XML-document and being the newb i am i don’t know how to save it…

  • Hi All! Glad you’re liking the WL setting.

    When you open the WL link, just right click and use “save as…” and follow those instructions on Torley’s tutorial for finding where your computer is saving the WL setting for your viewer.

    I updated the post to show this too. Thanks again <3

  • hmm… I’m new to dropbox so let me see if we can connect together somehow.

  • Any viewer preference or settings other than the usual ultra graphics settings needed for this? I am only seeing shadows for sculpted prims.

  • Hi Eliza: I use Second Life 2.4.0. Here’s a vid tutorial how to turn on shadow settings in the SL viewer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=57JzSi-CyU0

    Shadows are the best when in ultra… the video is the best by far!

  • Thank you Luna! I will send you an update when I figure it out!

  • one tiny thing about this.. when saving them remember to make the name have no dashes or punctuation (take the period out of the website part of the name) because the viewer cannot read the name otherwise… took me a couple of times to figure out why i couldn’t see the settings in the list.

  • Thanks nimil – I updated the file to be a zip file too. Hopefully that can help too.

  • Thanks Luna!

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