Happy Things: Anniversaries

Anniversaries regardless of how long or short, they should be celebrated. I think sharing my 2nd anniversary with Express Zenovka deserves to be part of my Happy Things  series.

My blog is of course mainly fashion but I also share my SL adventures and life. Express is very much apart of my blog as I am. He works so hard behind the scenes not only on this blog but his own site and the feeds we own. I thought it was only fitting to share a few photos of our 2 year anniversary.

2nd anniversary

Without him in my SL I would have not been able to have to my own a dotcom plus so many other great things. He’s been so supportive (and teases me all the time) of my blogging. Express says “oh you’re blogging? OK. I stay quiet” and then giggles at my talking outloud typing style.

2nd anniversary

Express is so agreeable and willing to go along with my crazy ideas … he was even willing to wear pink for our traditional anniversary photos. I just couldn’t do that to him plus I kept coming back to this awesome gown with him saying “but its not pink”!

Thank you to Express for making me so very happy for the past 2 years. <3

pose by !bang | gown by Miamai | suit by AOHARU

6 Comments to “Happy Things: Anniversaries”

  • HAPPY ANNIVERSARIEEEEEEEEEE LUNA AND EXPRESS… Two years is a long time in SL where everything moves at a completely different pace from RL, congratumelations!!!!!!
    BTW you look pretty in the pics Luna (you too Express hehe!)

  • Happy Anniversary! Its great when they’ll agree to wear pink for you, isn’t it? I’ve got one of those too.. makes me very happy! *grins*

  • Happy Anniversary! You both look fantastic! So nice to still be going strong after 2 years. :)

  • Happy Anniversary! Two years is like twenty by SL standards *grin*, so I”m really happy for you two! xxxx

  • thank you <3

  • Happy anniversary ;-))

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