52 Weeks of Color Challenge: Voting Time

I adore hosting the 52 Weeks of Color Challenge. The challenge has helped prompt so many blogs, found new friends and discovered a plethora of designers! While that plus more, we become a community… one I wouldn’t trade the world for!

color galore

Many folks have approached me to invite designers into our inworld group. I’d like to propose a vote to those in the challenge. Do you think it would beneficial to invite designers to the group? These invited designers would only be those who create items for the challenge. We can offer to them to send notices about their release if it includes the weekly color.

Go ahead and vote!

52WoCC: Designer Notices

  • Yes, please! I need help finding colors each week (82%, 56 Votes)
  • No, thank you. Its too much spam for me (21%, 14 Votes)

Total Voters: 68

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Hair: L+N
skin: Exodi
ears: Illusory
clothing: LeeZu
shoes: Pixel Mode
pose: !bang

complimentary copies listed with slurl

11 Comments to “52 Weeks of Color Challenge: Voting Time”

  • I think it’s nice for the designers to get into the spirit of colour challenge and to have fun making things fitting for it and when they do, I think it serves both sides if the colour bloggers get info about what they’ve made. The more the merrier! <3

    PS. If you're in zillion groups and have a lot of spam, you can always put some groups to 'don't receive notifications' and just check group notice history on your own time. :)

  • As a blogger, I would be happy to receive news about specific “color challenge” clothes, matching the right colors. That would be interesting ! I already use the stores listed in your links here on the blog, notices with ads and why not special offers for 52wocc group members ? *feels like being in a secret society*

    As a designer, I like to use you colors Luna, it is fun and it’s cool to have a list of colors. I use colors I’m not used to, and that’s what I like ! And being part of this is just great.

  • This is a win win situation! For us as bloggers and for the designers.
    More importantly, thank you Ms Luna for hosting such a dynamic challenge that each of us have the opportunity to be a part of.

  • I think I kinda agree with Annomis on this, I love the surprise every week of what colour will come up… So I would rather that there wasnt any kind of announcement that will spoil the upcoming colour surprises… But then I agree with everyone else that say it would be a win win situation… So I’d suggest YES do it but please dont advertise the new stuff for the new colour until that colour has been released?? Would that be possible?

  • I say win win as long as we’re not bombarded with notices, but it’s nice to have options available if one is having a particularly hard time with a color. I think it’ll be fun to see what designers have released for that color and we always have the option to use something else.

  • As a male blogger having a color in advance is helpful for me. I can’t just throw a rock in the grid and find a nice outfit. And then to put color restrictions on me even makes it more of a challenge. For ME, having the colors in advance helps this busy fulltime single dad who only has 1 hour a night if that.

    Don’t get me wrong, Im one the THE BIGGEST fans of this challenge, but if I knew in advance the color schemes it would help a brother out. lol =P

    Happy bloggin!

  • Well I think I’d still “restrict” the color to the current week and the upcoming week – like it is now. I think it keeps folks engaged and energized each week … and current!

    I love this discussion btw. Lots of good points…

    AND … I dreamed up a new idea for the group (and others) … stay tuned for the details!

  • Ohh, I didn’t even -think- that the designers would release ads about their things until the new colour had been announced! I mean, that gives a week for them to advertize and for us to shop before anyone can even post their colour, and then still another week before that week ends… no reason to post the colour ads earlier than Luna posting the next challenge!

  • As long as there are two rules:
    1. Only ONE post per week, per designer. (more than one gets you booted!)
    2. They can not post their notecard until Luna posts the color on her website.

    Then I think it would be a great addition.

  • oh! Good idea on those rules. simple, easy to follow … and well, pretty smart so those in the group aren’t overwhelmed!

  • The designers have a month or two in advance BUT they all gave me a super secret handshake & vowed not to let you all know. I’ve been really impressed the designers and some friends haven’t leaked out more about the colors! I do hint randomly lay down a few weeks of colors in people’s plurk (of course only if they say ok).

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