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52 Weeks of Color Challenge: Tangerine

Half way point – Week 26 of the 52 Weeks of Color Challenge!

Each week I plan the kick off post, like this one. Each week I sorta script out what I want to say, like this one. Each week I forget what I planned, like this one. What I do remember for this week’s post: WE MADE IT (halfway)!

In my own fashion, I’d like to offer words of encouragement to go the full distance… but really, I like immediate reward. So I’ll say it again: WE MADE IT (halfway)!

For the excitement of making it (halfway), what a fitting color this week. Week Twenty Six, Welcome!

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26 of 52

Week Twenty-Six: Tangerine
April 30 – May 6

26 of 52: Tangerine

Week Twenty-Seven: Olive
May 7 – May 13

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Just an IM

When a conversation starts with “you should blog this”, it catches your attention. Abraxxa is a total lovable nut who owns Earthstones. She told me she named this color after me; probably due to the 52 Weeks of Color Challenge. Well that sealed the deal, I was blogging it for my Happy Things series.

splash of color

I did nudge her to make a matching (or at least a “goes with”) necklace. The gems set in a jigsaw patterned gems for sure maddening but I’m totally holding my breath for it. Maybe she’ll make it faster?!

All kidding aside, its an honor to have this bracelet’s color named after me and for her to share it with me. Thank you so much, Abraxxa! <3

PS, huge sale at Elikatira! Don’t miss the 80L hair packs. Sale ends April 26th.

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52 Weeks of Color Challenge: Periwinkle

Say hello to Week 25 of my 52 Weeks of Color Challenge.

Hopefully you’ve been following along either as a reader or a challenger. This week wraps up the first half the challenge. It really felt like we just started. When I check the master list and scroll back, I can’t believe this challenge started in November. Its April – and late April at that!

We’re still going strong with more great colors and challenges to tackle. I hope you’re keeping an eye on your kitchens … cause … well we’re heading head first into the colors after foods. Each of my posts for the challenge include color swatches. These color chips don’t make it on the feed. If you ever need to know the color referenced, just click through for a picture.

25 of 52

Week Twenty-Five: Periwinkle
April 23 – April 29

25 of 52: Periwinkle

Week Twenty-Six: Tangerine
April 23 – April 29

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Up and Down… and Up

Express and I haven’t spent much time online as, well, Express and Luna. We’ve been working on the store and breaking testing beta Meeroos. Between all the pettings and Oracle questions, we’ve managed to create a few new poses. Our typed chatter has been minimal which includes only two words, “up” and “down”.

!bang - less than three

Thinking of logs, our typed logs are so teeeny. If you look at our skype call history, now that’s a different story!

As for the Meeroos, the beta is a ton of fun and challenging. For sure its all social and interactive. You may know, I played Tiny Empires for nearly two years. Its been about the same amount time since deleting my hud too. Knowing what I know about that plus my love-hate for breedables, I don’t think this game/breedable will be for me. I’d rather to get focused on growing my brand, starting my photography and still finding the time to boss Express around – up, down, up, sit, hold, wait, up again, ok sit …


52 Weeks of Color Challenge: Eggplant

Week Twenty-Four of my 52 Weeks Of Color Challenge has officially begun! Its all about Eggplant until April 22.

We’ve been on a roll for food colors. And don’t think for a second we’re left the food section. Just like the brown period, this one has a few more interesting colors. We do have a mini-break for a week. This week’s color was a breeze for me but next week … oh, I don’t know. It looks tough!

Oh, yeah, I wanted to link to the first post of the Color Challenge. Many folks have asked if they can join. Of course, you can! Feel free to start now and catch up later. Create your photos using whatever medium makes you happy. Some choose fashion, others choose decor but regardless everyone shows off in the flickr group & posts their links on my blog. Here’s where it all started: Week One

Can’t wait to see your photos and posts!

24 of 52

Week Twenty-Four: Eggplant
April 16 – April 22

24 of 52: Eggplant

Week Twenty-Five: Periwinkle
April 23 – April 29

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