Crazy Cat Lady

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Well. I did it. I became “one of those people” … a crazy cat lady! See, I admitted it!

Over the past month or so, I’ve been really good at making sure I stayed at a reasonable number, turning over my “stock” and, of course, breeding. Well something made it get out of hand. Either was the breeding, or perhaps it was the numerous auctions, but it was something for sure. Its time to call out the big guns and do a blog post to help these kitties find a new home.

Crazy Cat Lady

If you’d like to buy one of my KittyCatS, most are breeding pairs or well traited, you’re welcomed at anytime to my rental spot on CatNip or GTFO.

Find out about KittyCatS | Visit CatNip or GTFO | See my breeding stock, not for sale

And, yes, this is the closest I think I’ll ever get to doing a fashion post with my cats. There are others that do it so well (and much better than I).


6 Comments to “Crazy Cat Lady”

  • *snuggles your babies but stays away* Seriously girl I’ve grown to well over 20 kittycats now!! Ack!! How did that happen? Hmmmm I’m blaming it on their cuteness!!

  • aw they’re so cute and tender!

  • Awwww I want one… but I dont think that Hell would let me lol we had chickens… I think taking in kitties might make him tell me off!!!

  • Haha Delusionals post made me want one… So far I still managed to stick with my ONE kittycat… But so tempted getting a cute little furry friend…. ;)

  • Express has been surprisingly supportive considering we’ve been through chickens, turtles and bunnies together. He doesn’t quite get the breeding scheme – does anyone?!

    I have a few of those kitties left — and more on the way! They are going quick but of course plenty more to take their place! lol

  • I keep saying “three is enough, three is enough” but they are SOOOO cute

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