This is the 1000th post for my blog! Its a milestone I’ve been looking forward to since this blog’s beginning. It seems silly, I know. This was a goal for me. Kinda cool to have finally say “1000 blog posts”!


Certainly this is an entry in My Happy Things. Thank you for reading and support of all my posts! <3

hair: Dernier Cri
skin: PXL
ears: Illusory
dress: Kyoot
jewelry: Mandala
pose: !bang

13 Comments to “1000”

  • Congratulations Luna!

  • Wow 1000!!! On to the next thousand! Your look on this one is absolutely beautiful!!!

  • LOVELY pic Luna! Whose eyes are those? They are GORGEOUS!

  • Wow! Congratulations Luna :)

  • 1000! YAYYY!! Way to go Luna! XOXOXOOXO

  • WOOT YAY CONGRATS LUNA!!!!! Cant wait to see more!

  • Thank you everyone for the comments and love – you all totally made my day! <3

    El, the eyes are old school from Miriel with the soul prims from L.Fauna. I'm not sure if Miriel is still around. Sorry I couldn't help more. :)

  • Congratulations, Luna, I always look forward to your next post! And you look spectacular, (what else is new?!?!?!)

  • Happy 1000th post ! :P

  • Congratulations, you look wonderful! No, Miriel isn’t around any more, but she made the most beautiful eyes, they are still what I normally wear.

  • Yay Luna! Congrats on reaching 1k! I so love what you blog :)

  • Let’s hope I’m blogging that long to say 2000! I thought 1000 was tough enough!

    <3 thank you for the kind words.

  • I’m late but congratulations! And seriously, thank you for blogging! You are an inspiration.

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