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Me & My Guitar

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The past few days on plurk I kept seeing this event mentioned. People were drooling over the items. I just had no idea what it was. Late last night I got the chance to attend – RandoMuseum. In the easiest way to explain it, its a gacha event meets the CSR cards. Go to the location, buy what you’d like and you’ll be randomly awarded with a card to purchase those prizes in the gold frames. Its that easy. Watch out, even tho the items are inexpensive the cost could add up as you hope you get the prize cards!

Today I’m showing off my best electric guitar accessory that’s one of the golden frame gifts as well as the gacha shirt and that cute little stool. I may need a few readers to swap with; I got a little click happy and have a ton of the same things!

My Guitar

Another item to eye in the photos are the new flip flops from Maitreya. Again, plurk told me about this release. (God bless plurk!) Soon the “ooh-and-ahh” turned into “omg-how-much” plurks. Yes, I was one of those that said the cost was a little crazy. I didn’t realize all the options that come with the flip flop tho – totally worth it!

The shoes have a slue of features. You can pick from the 20 colors. Regardless each color each has two insole options – floral pattern or solid. Also, they include options like toe ring with changeable metal or not at all for each foot. Plus… 3 anklet braclets with color change options. You don’t have to wear the bracelets either or click “wear” to put them all on (just adjust to see them). Tons of goodness packed in the flip flops.

My Guitar

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52 Weeks of Color Challenge: Mauve

Week 34 of my 52 Weeks of Color Challenge didn’t pose much of an issue for me. I will admit I did have Express in tow when shopping for this color. He did pick out the dress tho … hmm, its kinda skimpy…

This week I’m hoping to catch up more people into the color challenge group (inworld group link). We talk off and on in the group. Lots of good positive activity. Just love having the bunch to gab to and laugh with at any time. In the next few days and weeks I’m planning to gab more about the final weeks of the challenge plus the legacy and maybe next year.

When I wrote this post, I came to the group with my writer’s block. I had no clue what to say for the post. Its so much pressure as its my highest traffic post during the week. eep! Ok so ramble ramble and color swatch – tada!

Week Thirty-Four: Mauve
June 25 – July 1

34 of 52: Mauve

Week Thirty-Five: Electric Blue
July 2 – July 8

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Happy Things: Flickr

Every once in a while I create a photo that catches the eye of so many. I’m still one of the newcomers in the photography field so I still get really flattered. There was no reason for this photo other than taking a picture with Express. It was long overdue since we haven’t had a photo of us that wasn’t a store vendor in some time.  The views and positivity around the photo made it that much sweeter.

wrapped up

Many have asked me in private about the photo and the amount of editing. In my opinion there really wasn’t that much editing done. I’ve kept it really quiet basic; avatar edge smoothing and color boosting the tones overall.

before n after

I don’t think I’ve ever really shared this but  I didn’t know anything about Photoshop before I started SL. Sure the minor stuff, nothing like what I’m learning now. Yes, learning. One of the newest trends to help with tricks or learn something totally new is Katey Coppola’s photoshop tutorials. I recommend you take the time to browse them. I found some shortcuts and had some “ah-ha” moments on how something works.

Also, I really enjoy having carved out this little corner of my blog to share positive notes with you. I call it Happy Things. This category was created just about a year ago and its still something that I adore sharing.

I encourage everyone to be positive and support those that are learning and trying new things. So many have made me smile today due to this photo. Thank you a zillion times over for it!


Mourning Black

Black is the color for mourning and one of my favorite colors. I even had a full-on black period, like, 3 years ago in SecondLife. Something about the darkness is so alluring for me. I just love it. I even love it more when two designers who I keep my eye on release goodies in this color.


The party dress is from Addict and comes in plenty of colors. Most are vivid and fresh for the season even-though I choose the doom and gloom of black. I couldn’t resist either cuz of the new jewelry from Naith Smit Design. Ain’t it just vavavoom?!

I seldom change my hair color but this post and this skin it was a must in my opinion. Another rarity is photographing the goth makeups. Check out ISPACHI for other tones and makeups. Just like the Addict dress, there are more happier makeups and darker tones.

I may just feel another black era coming on again. If only I can persuade Kyoot to bring back her all black sim. This photo still remains my favorite from that point in time from that sim. I love the old photos, good memories.

Before I end, I’m testing out something new for my blog – adding the marketplace store for each of review copies. I already give the inworld location, do you think the marketplace link would be useful? Let me know what you think.

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52 Weeks of Color Challenge: Mahogany

oh week 33 how I love you. My 52 Weeks of Color Challenge is flying! We are now in the “less than 20 week” range. Simply amazing.

This is one of those rare weeks where I had the outfit picked out sometime earlier in the week. Aren’t you proud?! I will admit I always try to say something really epic or something in these posts. Sorry, there just isn’t anything coming to mind. Its more backspace and delete than me really composing thought.

Since I can’t think of anything to say that’s so momentous, I’ll give the first 15 commenters with blog links back to their Mahogany post/photos a gift card to !bang poses. Oh, and before you all race, I’ll give out 10 additional random gift cards during the week too. So 25 gift cards in total for the next 7 days. That’s fair right? <3

Week Thirty-Three: Mahogany
June 18 – June 24

33 of 52: Mahogany

Week Thirty-Four: Mauve
June 25 – July 1 24

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