Mourning Black

Black is the color for mourning and one of my favorite colors. I even had a full-on black period, like, 3 years ago in SecondLife. Something about the darkness is so alluring for me. I just love it. I even love it more when two designers who I keep my eye on release goodies in this color.


The party dress is from Addict and comes in plenty of colors. Most are vivid and fresh for the season even-though I choose the doom and gloom of black. I couldn’t resist either cuz of the new jewelry from Naith Smit Design. Ain’t it just vavavoom?!

I seldom change my hair color but this post and this skin it was a must in my opinion. Another rarity is photographing the goth makeups. Check out ISPACHI for other tones and makeups. Just like the Addict dress, there are more happier makeups and darker tones.

I may just feel another black era coming on again. If only I can persuade Kyoot to bring back her all black sim. This photo still remains my favorite from that point in time from that sim. I love the old photos, good memories.

Before I end, I’m testing out something new for my blog – adding the marketplace store for each of review copies. I already give the inworld location, do you think the marketplace link would be useful? Let me know what you think.

hair: Truth | Marketplace
skin: ISPACHI | Marketplace
makeup: Bounce
ears: Illusory
dress: Addict | Matketplace
ring: Naith Smit Design | Marketplace
pose: !bang | Marketplace

complimentary copies denoted by slurl

7 Comments to “Mourning Black”

  • I like the marketplace link idea, Luna. I buy all my truth hair from marketplace now.

  • I think it’s a good idea. Sometimes my computer just can’t handle the lag of stores and then marketplace is really nice.

  • OMG!!! Luna! The pic is breathtakingly stunning! And, yes, I love the marketplace idea. It’s a lot simpler and cuts down on lag factor immensely. I’ve been using it to buy Truth hair since I became aware you could both demo & buy the hair on the marketplace. It sure has simplified my slife and cut down on unnecessary shopping time! :)

  • Yes it is a good idea to put the marketplace link, because people like me, reading you from work can take a look at the products (and other colors and other products). It is also useful to discover new stores’ products ! Thanks !

    Very nice shot, you improved a lot since your last dark period ! I miss black & white Silent sim too, it was such a unique atmosphere, and high quality building. I loved the hidden places there, the little touches of colors and the fog ! What a place, full of souvenirs.

  • (Just forgot to add, about marketplace links, that it is a shame that the store owners do not update their online store. Ispachi and Addict do not show much there. Addict’s online store look abandoned :s)

  • I think it’s a great idea Luna and you look lovely in this photo! <3

  • I do hope more designers update their marketplace stores (I know I need to update my own! lol)

    I’m going to try to up adding the links in my credits. Its easy enough to dig up now that the search has been updated at the marketplace.

    Thank you for the comments <3

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