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52 Weeks of Color Challenge: Melon

Guess what – its Week 39 of my my 52 Weeks of Color Challenge. Its amazing that this challenge is still going strong … and that I’ve actually completed this many weeks.

It will be a huge feat to really finish the full 52 weeks. This was another week for me that I had creative block. Thankfully Kaelyn Alecto came to my rescue. She pointed me to a shirt by this designer. Even though she gave me the full go-ahead to wear the shirt, I didn’t want to steal her thunder and blogged the skirt however both are cute.

Remember a few weeks back when we went on that fruit trip? Yeah, I think there’s a soon trend coming again. Let’s hope its not as bad as the brown segment! Have you noticed the pale colors tho? Maybe I should have saved this skirt for next week?! lol

Week Thirty-Nine: Melon
July 30 – August 5

39 of 52: Melon

Week Forty: Apricot
August 6 – August 12

Before I close this post, many have noticed that I was quiet this past week. Due to a full real life, I’ve not been able to blog. I really appreciate the support and love from everyone. It really warms my heart to know so many care. Thank you so very much.

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52 Weeks of Color Challenge: Patriarch

Its Week 38 of my 52 Weeks of Color Challenge.

Patriarch, I’ll admit, was a color I wasn’t looking forward to during this challenge. I guess that’s why I, uhm, secretly pushed it towards to the end of the list. So the list wasn’t all that random. And pushing this color to the end wasn’t all that secret now, huh? lol

As we wind down, the group has asked for another challenge. Quite honestly I’m still really on the fence about hosting again. Until I figure it out and a theme: There are some challenges starting to pop up and gaining some momentum like Shay’s Blog Hero and Harlow’s Inspire Challenge. I’d like to offer as much support as I can to my fellow color challengers who host their own challenges. This doesn’t mean that I’ve decided, or not decided, to do another year-long challenge. There just haven’t been any ideas that stuck for me.

Until I decide about the next challenge, check out all the comments to see everyone decked out in this week’s color.

Week Thirty-Eight: Patriarch
July 23 – July 29

38 or 52: Patriarch

Week Thirty-Nine: Melon
July 30 – August 5

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!bang – limited stock discount

By Luna Jubilee  //  !bang  //  2 Comments

As you all know I wear many hats in SL. I love that it keeps me very active and on my toes. To share the excitment, I’ve started sharing some of my new pose releases at a discount on The Marketplace. The catch – its only the first few sold will be at 50% off. This time, its a full pack of 10 poses and is 100L for only the first 50 sold. Since I don’t want to post the vendor pic on my blog, here’s the link to my flickr.

I also wanted to tell you that I’ve had other new releases. Four to be exact in addition to this one on discount. The other four are at their usual price at !bang mainstore location. There is a !bang poses blog too (make sure you bookmark it!).

This one is my favorite from this past weekend’s releases:
!bang - broken

This photo stars Express Zenovka. Poor bugger gets to listen to me get giddy when I get pose ideas. He knows he’s gonna be asked to pose where he hears lots of “uhh” and “ermm” as I along joints and such. I guess the pay off is that he gets to be in the photos eventho he’s usually saying that I”m just using him as a prop! I still think he secretly enjoys it :P

At any rate, be sure to check out !bang poses mainstore for all the new releases — but more so — the Marketplace for the limited stock discounted pose pack!

Pose Pack at 50% Marketplace listing
!bang poses MainStore


52 Weeks of Color Challenge: Lemon

Thankfully Week 37 than last week’s color challenge color. I know that its a challenge, I get that, but, I struggled last week. This week was a breeze! I felt so much more relaxed.

I never really thought Lemon was a color for me. Still not sure seeing it.

Creating the 52 Weeks of Color challenge I knew there would be easy weeks like this one and more difficult weeks. I’m a little afraid of the following week’s color. I have a feeling search engines will spike as folks look for this silly color’s reference. Let’s hope more designers will create stuff using this color. This is when I wish all weeks were as easy as this Lemon week!

Week Thirty-Seven: Lemon
July 16 – July 22

37 of 52: Lemon

Week Thirty-Eight: Patriarch
July 23 – July 29

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Inspire Challenge

By Luna Jubilee  //  SLife  //  6 Comments

Harlow Heslop recently kicked off a new challenge. Simply called the “Inspire Challenge“, its all about positivity. I was beyond flattered when she asked to mention me in her first Inspiration Challenge post.

Blogged: Harlow love

After that, I asked Harlow if I could blog about the challenge. For my post I wanted to pose with her.  Its not often she’s seen infront of the camera. I ended up stealing her away from her very popular photography studio but I really thought I would have to go down to her cafe, The Pixel Bean, to snap a candid of her!

So far the blog posts I’ve seen have been so sweet. It’s interesting to see who inspires who and why. I encourage the SecondLife™ community to do their own post or two about the residents that inspire them. The nice thing about this challenge is that its not just centered around the fashion folks. It’s left up to you and who you feel inspires/brings joy to your life.


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