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Harlow Heslop recently kicked off a new challenge. Simply called the “Inspire Challenge“, its all about positivity. I was beyond flattered when she asked to mention me in her first Inspiration Challenge post.

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After that, I asked Harlow if I could blog about the challenge. For my post I wanted to pose with her.  Its not often she’s seen infront of the camera. I ended up stealing her away from her very popular photography studio but I really thought I would have to go down to her cafe, The Pixel Bean, to snap a candid of her!

So far the blog posts I’ve seen have been so sweet. It’s interesting to see who inspires who and why. I encourage the SecondLife™ community to do their own post or two about the residents that inspire them. The nice thing about this challenge is that its not just centered around the fashion folks. It’s left up to you and who you feel inspires/brings joy to your life.

6 Comments to “Inspire Challenge”

  • I’m squeeing and running around like a mad woman. You are amazing! Thank you so much for telling everyone about the challenge! I hope it brings a little brightness to other peoples day! <3

  • Now you know how I felt when I saw my post <3 THANK YOU!!

  • *tattles* Luna, she was IMing me in game during the shoot and she was fangirling and so nervous but so giddy! You did an amazing job!

  • *punches Chancey in the arm and then runs away blushing*

  • Chance, you should never tell a woman’s secrets (unless its to me then its ok). And don’t tell her but I was just as nervous and giddy!!

  • […] are some challenges starting to pop up and gaining some momentum like Shay’s Blog Hero and Harlow’s Inspire Challenge. I’d like to offer as much support as I can to my fellow color challengers who host their own […]

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