52 Weeks of Color: 15 Favorites

52 Weeks of Color: 15 Favorites

As our final-final post in the first round of my 52 Weeks of Color Challenge, we’re showing off our own 15 favorite photos that we created for the challenge. We all created a trunk ton of photos and squirreled them away in a flickr group or own own flickr sets. This post is show off the photos we created ourselves that we loved this past year.

Looking back in my own flickr set is a real trip down blog memory lane. This past year I’ve upgraded my computer, updated my WindLight setting and really advanced my Photoshop skills. I’d love to hear about your past year… do you see changes in your own blog/photos?

To create your own 15 Favorites:

  • Go to to use their Mosaic Maker tool
  • Open your Flickr set (hopefully you made one to make this easier to spot your challenge photos)
  • Choose your 15 favorite photos (select/copy the photo’s url in the address bar)
  • Paste the photo urls into the Mosaic Maker Tool
  • Save & upload your complete photo to Flickr and the
  • Copy/paste the text given into your blog post

Don’t worry, its so easy … and is just a few clicks. Listing out the 15 photos in a long stream might make feed owners angry so please do use this awesome tool or something like it. Let’s not have an endless stream of photos, please.

Once you publish your post, don’t forget to come back here to leave your link in the comments. I’d love to see what you pull as your 15 Favorites! Remember, this is your own photos (not someone else’s work).

Can’t wait to see your posts! <3

1. Week 6: Yellow, 2. 21 of 52: white, 3. 39 of 52: Melon, 4. 34 of 52: Mauve, 5. 3 of 52: Goldenrod, 6. 31 of 52: Denim, 7. 26 of 52: Tangerine, 8. 17 of 52: Electric Lime, 9. 8 of 52: Silver, 10. 44 of 52: firebrick, 11. 48 of 52: Moss Green, 12. 27 of 52: Olive, 13. 1 of 52: Gray, 14. 50 of 52: Mulberry, 15. 14 of 52: Black

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