First Time User: Firestorm

I was a pretty diehard user of the LL viewer. I’ve never saw the need to swap viewers for everyday use or just for photos. That is until Firestorm was released. I’m really not a reviewer of Third Party Viewers (TPVs). Honestly, I rely on Express for pretty much all my technology stuff from guiding me to the best computer for SL to telling me about viewers. This past week we’ve been yapping about what the new TPVs have to offer. Since he gets technical in his posts, I thought  I’d take a quick look, give my impressions of some of the current viewers and show what’s important to me. This will be done in a series in my Blog Boot Camp section.

For the few minutes I tooled around in the preferences, I easily created specific personalized settings. Its a nice-to-have ability but that’s not what gets me to change viewers. What does though is the photography settings and ease of interface.

Firestorm is known as the photographers viewer so I did a quick rather large snapshot. The only edit in Photoshop is the crop. Flickr does resize it to the 500px size automatically for me. Here’s my shapshot settings:

  • Photo Size: 5500x2878px
  • Anti-aliasing: 16x
  • Depth of Field: On (plus tweaks using the viewer settings, very cool)
  • Windlight Setting: Luna Jubilee’s Bright Sparkly

viewer snap raw

This was my first time in a long time taking such a gigantic photo without several crashes. I just couldn’t believe it, no major issues. That ability alone wins over my heart.

As you can see from the honest-to-goodness raw shot, there is a graphics line or two in the photo. I’m thinking that might be an easy fix with a few more tweaks when setting up the shot using the viewer settings. If not, a few dabs in photoshop, the line will disappear.

The interface is okay but has several shortcuts to heavily used features. I did like that I can dock/undock menus (like the environments menu). No more unnecessary clicking when I want to simply change my skies. The sidebar buttons are lacking for me. With a right click or two and some button moving from the bottom bar, I could get the interface to the way I like. It seems that with this viewer, you’ll need to take a few more minutes to get it the way you like. That’s really not a bad thing either.

There are added bonuses like being able to set up your contacts in groups and the MarketPlace button at the bottom of the inventory window.

My overall impression of Firestorm:  I’m really delighted with the raw snapshot. The interface will take some time to get used to and can work for you if set up the right way. Firestorm, to me, is all about personalization and flexible enough to give it to me!

Be sure to check out for my next tour of another TPV.

8 Comments to “First Time User: Firestorm”

  • I really love Firestorm. I get the graphics lines as well in my photos, but I thought it was just something I was doing wrong. If you find the fix for it, please let us know!! How do you fix yours in PhotoShop?

  • I was a diehard Phoenix user until a friend of mine pushed me toward Firestorm, which I’m glad he did. Not only is it mesh-enabled, it allows me to add multiple add-ons, shadows (finally!), DOF and if you spend a bit of time just about anything.

  • I still like phoenix. And it is mesh friendly now! What I don’t like about firestorm is that it is too much like the LL viewer. You’ve always taken beautiful shots!

  • Firestorm > phoenix if for one reason: multiple clothing layers

  • Luna, I am in love with Firestorm. For photography, for multiple layers, the sky settings and how easy i can change between them…welcome to the world of Firestorm!!!

  • […] photos were taken using Firestorm. Tags: Blog Boot Camp, Blog Tutorials, Edloe, Secondlife Windlight […]

  • If you like photography, you might want to look at Exodus instead.

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