Luna Jubilee’s Windlight: Springscape

I’m changing up my photostudio to Spring. Its been winter long enough for me. Thankfully my store sim has changed over to green and soon will start blooming.

Luna Jubilee's Windlight Setting: Springscape

With the actual season change coming up in real life, all my photos will soon change to more warm tones. Also, my backdrops will change to the florals and soft lighting. Like I said in a prior windlight post, here’s my brand new windlight setting, “Springscape”, and the photo in the raw form.

To download my new windlight setting: Click Here

Every setting that I share can be found under Luna Jubilee’s Windlight Settings in my Blog Boot Camp tutorials.

Also, if you’d like to join Dropbox, click this link we both can grow our storage space. The more space I have the more Windlight Settings I can cram in there!

Enjoy <3

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