Dreaming in Raw

I’m planning to show more raw photos on my blog. What made me think about skipping the heavy photo editing was a prior post where I used a pure raw shot from Secondlife. Creating raw photos a great challenge for me and helps me not be complacent with my photography skills.

dreaming in raw

I’ve created a new flickr set for these raw shots. Also, in the credits after the cut, I’ll denote the photoshop editing, if any, as well as the Windlight setting used.


filed in Luna Jubilee’s Happy Things

hair: Wasabi Pills by Missallsunday Lemon
skin & ears: Illusory by Crushed Clarity
eyes: SLink by Siddean Munro
pose: !bang by me

windlight setting used: Luna Jubilee’s Springscape

photoshop editing: crop & name signature added

8 Comments to “Dreaming in Raw”

  • This is sort of funny to me, because I wish I knew how to photoshop so I didn’t have to use ‘raw’ photo’s. Alas I’m clueless, but it’s nice to know I’m ahead of the trend lol.

  • I am very happy to see more raw photos actually. I like nothing less than grabbing an outfit only to find out it has been so heavily photoshopped that it looks different in world. IMHO, we all know that avis have jaggy lines and that hair and hands get stuck in clothing in the best of poses. I am happy to see more RAW photos. :)

  • Thanks for the support! This is just what I needed to help re-ignite my love for photography and blogging.

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