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It’s been a little while since I’ve promoted where to find me in the sea of social media outlets. I’ll always have these on the sidebar on my blog.

follow me

I’m pretty sure I’m on a few more sites but, well, this is a real ol’ good list to start with, with my two main social sites listed first:

Plurk: After nearly 4 years of using Plurk I’m still a very active user. It can be used for marketing for my store to just chatting. I’ve met a ton of people some turned friends and one in particular became my partner. I use Plurk as a giant group chat. Be warned tho, I do drop in some real life stuff on my timeline.

Twitter: Whoever I don’t have on plurk I have on Twitter. Honestly, I use this site to follow real celebrities and brands I enjoy. Not very often do I leave any status update there since my plurk feeds over to it.

Flickr: All my photos for my store and blog are hosted on Flickr. Not only do I use it for my own marketing (and what a terrific marketing tool it is!) but also to scope out other new releases. Loads of my favorite designers and photographers I like to follow use it. I probably add more photos to my “faves” than leaving real comments.

Facebook: As much as I’m against it, I started a page to see if it would increase traffic to my blog. I like to think it does but it’s not a huge impacted as reported by other SL bloggers. I’m also hit or miss on posting blog entries (maybe this is why its not a huge driver of traffic). Facebook for me is all about the silly games. Don’t hate.

Inworld profile: Recently I turned on the feature for people to leave messages (hint hint!). I’m hoping to remember to leave my blog posts there too but like Facebook I know I’ll forget.

Klout & Social Chef: These aren’t really sites to leave status updates but more how my social media card looks. Its shows me my influencers and who I  influence. Its really just fun to see how the graph each week (right now I’m trending south). I’m hoping they will add a feature for plurk soon but I won’t hold my breath.

There are a ton more on the sidebar but I need to be in the mood to register and set up new sites. For now, these are the places you’ll find me.
hair: *elikatira by Elikapeka Tiramisu
skin & ears: Illusory by Crushed Clarity
dress: to one lounge by Moca Loup
feet: SLink by Siddean Munro
pose: *!bang poses by Trieste Minuet *unreleased, for Collab88*

house: Funky Junk by Ulaa Coronet
pathway: MMG’s by Masomaso Quan
lights: *BA by Barnesworth Anubis
grass: Rustica by Maxwell Graf
trees: Happy Mood by Sasaya Kayo

windlight setting used: Luna Jubilee’s Springscape

*complimentary copies

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