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Kaelyn Alecto asked me, oh I don’t know, more than a year ago to do a blog collaboration. We promised each other that we would get together numerous times. Every time I saw her name, and I’m sure this goes for her too, I would remember about this dual blog post thing. I’m beyond flattered that she kept hot on my heels about it. I had a great time with her. So much so I’d like to do it again. Next time certainly won’t be such a long wait!


Kae told me she liked to do themed posts, but I so suck at themes and planning. Thankfully, she was at the ready with a new release from Dutchie. We tossed on our new Boom ‘kinis and snapped away. I was derpily excited to hang with her I didn’t even notice that she and I wore the same designer for the kinis and hair until halfway through our shoot.

Beach 2

Check out Kae’s post since she took different photos but also she has all our style credits. She’s no stranger to my blog either. I’ve mentioned this chick a few times in the past. I know she tries to keep up on the color challenge but really she’s so stinkin’ busy doing these collab posts I don’t think she has time. lol

A zillion thanks goes to Kae!! She’s not only a super talented blogger and budding photographer but just a genuinely sweet girl. ILYKae <3

2 Comments to “Beachy Keen”

  • Awwww LOVE the post! And doing it again soon huh? Look forward to that ;) ♥

  • wow super pictures… ))) yes please do it more

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