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52 Weeks of Color Challenge – Amaranth

Yup, running late for this week’s color challenge post but Express gave me the idea for the post. He told me to wear the new truth hair and to tell you the brand now offers fades. I did just that. Altho I have a feeling he’s not going to be very happy with me as this is another post featuring not that many pieces of clothing. But I still blame him. He didn’t tell me to wear a shirt just the hair. He’s lucky I wore a skirt!

Week Forty: Amaranth
September 30 – October 6

Week 40 - Amaranth

Week Forty-One: Antique Brass
October 7 – October 13

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By Luna Jubilee  //  !bang  //  2 Comments

Way back in the days well before mesh and just after sculpts came to Second Life, I met a very unique red lady named CodeBastard Redgrave. Since our meeting on Twitter, she has always been so unbelievably kind and generous to me and those around her. Codie, as she’s commonly known, fully embodies all things love and lust. I’ve always been intrigued by her and frequented her club, Rouge Lounge, which fully exemplifies her sensual spirit.

Codie’s custom red lady sim, Rouge, is open to the whole community. Many of us still call it home regardless of where Second Life takes us. I’ve formed many close friendships partying there. Some of the stories I cannot tell because they still make me blush!

This weekend only, in an effort to help my friend save her beloved sim, this pose set is set for sale with 100% of proceeds going to her.

!bang - rapture {Rouge edition}

So many wonderful creators and designers have come together for this awesome cause. I highly encourage you to stop in Rouge Lounge for the weekend long dance party and, of course, shop all those terrific items.

Visit Rouge today
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52 Weeks of Color Challenge – Hunter Green

This is such a pretty color and very happy to have it in the list of 52 Weeks of Color Challenge Part Deux this round. I can’t wait to see what you all come up with for it. Seeing your photos is honestly my favorite part of the challenge.

Also, this shirt is oonly at Collabor88 and this round of the event is going to end very soon.

Week Thirty-Nine: Hunter Green
September 23 – September 29

Week 39 - Hunter Green

Week Forty: Amaranth
September 30 – October 6

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Lazy Saturday

By Express Zenovka  //  Clothing, Events, Fashion, Men's Fashion, The Arcade  //  No Comments

While I might tease Luna about wanting all the shoes, I’m pretty bad about shoes too. My wanting for them is just quieter. So it was inevitable that I took a few chances at the pairs of shoes for guys at The Arcade.


The Bolt sneakers from DECO are great for those athletic looks, but unfortunately I’m not really all that athletic. I mean, I have a pair of running shoes and every now and then I look at them thinking “You know, I should exercise.” But its just so much more comfortable being lazy and flopping down on a couch. You know its true. The espadrilles from Sleepy Eddy won me over with their lazy weekend casualness, especially the stepped on heels.

If you have extras of anything at The Arcade, here’s Luna’s plurk for trading/selling.

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52 Weeks of Color Challenge – Papaya Whip

Shopping for the color challenge posts usually results in purchases that don’t make the cut for that week. The nice thing is that I bought them to eventually wear, even if not to show on my blog. Typically when I get back home I see something that I already had in my inventory and end up wearing that. Just like in this post. I always adored this coat (its no-longer available, btw) and probably wore it a few times but its so perfect for this week. Don’t you think? And I just noticed this round of 52 Weeks of Color Challenge Part Deux I’ve been the most partial clothed in any serious I’ve done. Ooops.

Week Thirty-Eight: Papaya Whip
September 16 – September 22

Week 38 - Papaya Whip

Week Thirty-Nine: Hunter Green
September 23 – September 29

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